run away, it's divine

As all these stores begin stocking Fall stuff ("But it is July," you say! "I don't get it either," I reply!) I should probably get up all these pictures from when I borrowed Miu Miu's Spring line, eh?
dress (skirt and collar poking out) and shoes borrowed from Miu Miu, American Apparel sweatshirt, Timex watch, random hair ribbon, socks from Isabel. (FTC disclosure: sweatshirt and watch were sent to me by the companies.)
You see, I remember that at the time that I took this picture, I had a whole story to go with the character and the smile and the blue hair and the church and the shoes in the basket, but that was so long ago, as I am a gigantic lazy wimp who doesn't edit photos for months, that I have forgotten it. So I am going to make this as easy for me as saying "And then I woke up!" to end a bad story: use your imagination, kiddos! Wee! Summer! Etc.