"and to discover for himself, IF THE FIRE IS STILL BURNING" "i'll have the usuallllll" (i like using inside jokes as titles and confusing people)

Sooooo way back in September I met the lovely people at Fred Flare while on the epic journey that was the Weardrobe blogger conference and kept in touch with their wonderful/hilarious Jen, who was then like, "wouldn't it be cool if we sent you a Diana and you took pictures with it?" and I wrote back all "PSH PSH UM UM OMG OMG" and she probably inched quietly away from her computer, frightened. Today she published the pictures and interview on the Fred Flare blog (here, if you're interested) and I'm kind of proud of them? These are my favorites, though there are more on their blog and here:
The colors colors colors. Blood is the New Black tee, Rodarte for Target jacket, can't tell what skirt I'm wearing...

Vintage dress from Polly Sue's in D.C.

Uniqlo heattech shirt, Rodarte for Target skirt, random tights. Now is where I bore you with FTC stuff: I received compensation and pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection for my collaboration with Target, and Uniqlo sent me that shirt, and FredFlare sent me this camera, and BITNB sent me that tee. (I have a love-hate relationship with the FTC regulations -- I like that it's honest but feel weird listing off stuff I got for free.) And here are some randoms:

When Tommy of Jak & Jil visited to shoot me for Vogue Paris we were in agreement that the Diana looked really cool with the bike and outfit, and I played with it, and a cliched Tumblr photo was born! Har har. I also took a picture of my Comme des Garcons-clad feet:
And of some weird tinselly stuff I canNOT figure out. I wanna say it's a Christmas tree, but when I look closely I see the ghost of Lady Gaga or something? You could add a really weird religious twist to that if you wanted to.

Thank you to my friend Ella (CLICK THAT LINK) for taking the photos and letting me be bossy and controlling and tell her where to stand and NO YOUR FINGER ISN'T POSITIONED ON THE BUTTON THE RIGHT WAY GOSH YOU'RE LIKE A WHOLE MILLIMETER OFF. And for letting me use her pretty pink walls and curtains. And, obviously, to Jen and everyone else at FredFlare, who are too cool to have their names hyperlinked to an awful Bob Dylan movie from his Curly Orange Mullet And Earrings phase.