beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice

Oops! I haven't been posting! I have been thinking about posting, as I have literally a billion posts I want to write right now, which is odd because this resulted in me not posting at ALL! Anyway, I also went to New York for a sec for the EPIC Women's Awards, which will render a post of its own because it was such an inspiring night.

My dad and I went to the MOMA for the Tim Burton exhibit, which was sold out the first day and on the second day we lined up 45 minutes before the museum even opened and still couldn't make it into the room of blacklight and mouths and morbid illustrations until noon. Why do all you people have to like Tim Burton? The nerve! I felt like I did in 6th grade when I found out that the Beatles were actually pretty popular and mainstream and not as indie as I thought, making me therefore less unique and WHAT NOT FAIR I'M SUPPOSED TO BE INDIE-ER THAN ALL OF YOU! And now Tim Burton makes multi-million dollar-engrossing films? Lots of people love him? I should have figured this out if he has his own exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art? WHAT?

After I felt silly and obnoxious for only just having reached that conclusion, we walked around the modern wing and saw the Marina Ambramovic performance. I was really tempted to go and start gossiping like a lady at a beauty parlor about the upcoming graduation dance (ignore the fact that most beauty parlor ladies don't attend middle school dances, unless they're chaperoning moms, in which case, why are you so obsessed with the drama among kids at your son's school?) but a part of me knew I would flake and fail, just like many elementary school attempts to pull a funny face for school photos. It was usually a cross-eyed, tongue-curled combination, but my pity for the sweaty, obviously tortured photographer and self-consciousness always got the better of me, and my facial features uncoiled and went back into place just as the flash went off. So I guess in recent years, I at some point I wanted to be the class clown, and then I wanted to be indie, and then I just wanted to write a blog and read other blogs and look at archives on and read i-D and everything got quite nice.

I wore my Edward Scissorhands-esque Rodarte jacket gifted by the Mulleavy sisters in honor of the Burton exhibit and yes, my dad did make me pose next to the costume, arms out, hands in claw form, for a dorky photo.

But first, Jackson Pollock!

How perfectly the jacket and thrifted navy shorts and vintage floral Docs and hair that is in an in-between stage and a mixture of gray, white, yellow, green, and blue match this painting!