no, ella. no.

Thursday night I was stalking the beautifulness that is Patti Boyd and George Harrison and came across this photo that Patti took herself:I remember seeing it in the November issue of RUSSH and Patti (there is an interview with her!!) saying George (CLEARLY I AM ON A FIRST NAME BASIS WITH BOTH OF THEM, CLEARLY) was tired of waiting for the timer or something.

When I try to articulate my thoughts about photography or anything I don't know that much about I end up sounding stupid but I DO know that I was like ~*OUTFIT*~ after I saw the picture for a second time that night (and set it as my wallpaper, and twitter background, and so on) and pulled all my whites, dark blues, and reds and sock that has a bit of green in it and tried to mix the right ones together:
Hat, gift from folks at Monsoon Accesorize. Rodarte for Target denim jacket. White cut out dress...Loehmann's? Idk the brand. Oh and it's the one I wore for my Bat Mitzvah. Socks by Hue. Vintage red dress. Vintage Doc Martens, gift from Spencer's mom.
I tried to add in a little bit of the Beatles hippie style and Patti's penchant for printed schoolgirl socks as well. Ella said I looked like a grandma on Valentine's Day. I'LL TAKE IT.

And I wanted to take a picture in front of vines but the lighting was FUNKY and they ended up looking like this (and yeah, I said funky):
So that's that. And because to FTC regulations I am supposed to tell you that I received compensation and pieces from the Rodarte for Target collection for my collaboration with Target.

I've never seen the movie but the outfit reminded me of this still from Blue Velvet, which was either in my head because I had googled it before, or because I am sometimes psychic and dream up things that happen the next day or already exist (this is true):Well that's that. Last night Ella and I watched Psycho. The shower scene didn't scare me until I had to go to the bathroom later that night. And I don't know why I always start cracking up during the really intense parts, like when that one chick goes in the fruit cellar. Also, Anthony Perkins looks like Lazaro Hernandez, kind of:Sorry I cut off your head, Jack McCollough! Or maybe Anthony Perkins did it! Or maybe Anthony Perkins' mother did it! Dun dun dunnnnn