January 20, 2010

ugh some lyric with the word blue in it, i dunno i'm lazy right now

AHA! New camera hath arrived! Also I swear this is the last billionth post in a row about my hair being blue >.<
2010-01-20 001
I was told I look like an Oompa Loompa during lunch and it made my day increasingly better.

And pictures of pretty dyed hair from Lula Issue 6:
2010-01-20 003
2010-01-20 004
2010-01-20 005
2010-01-20 006
COTTON CANDY HAIR FTW. Um, that's it for tonight, YER OLD MAN IS GRUMPY. Video editing software, school projects about the Lattimer Massacre, and technology all hate me right now, I think.


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paulakkim said...

I lover ur new hair.!!!

Bunny said...

Love the blue hair. It's very flattering with your skin tone/eye color. I myself was loyal to blue all through highschool and half of college. Just don't over bleach it, or the blue will fall out too fast.

Carol said...

And so fake,I believe it is not you who write these things,and that someone helps you with those clothes.One day everyone will know,Sorry.

molly said...

wow you have the perfect light complexion to pull off the frosty hair

Carol said...

I'm kidding,you're so amazing.

Festy said...

Your hair is coool!!!:)


queenofthecastle/dirtyrascal said...

Aww. I remember I dyed my hair pink for the first time when I was about your age. My mother threw a fit, but since it was permanent she figured there was little she could do about it. Rock on!

Susie&Marie said...

Yayyy BLuee! :D
I'm proud of you Tavi!

Susie&Marie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renee Wagemans said...

Last week I tried to dye my hair grey, but did not work out. I dyed 4x in one day, too much chemicals for one day. Now it looks some sort of blond. And blond is not kind of colour. Better luck next time.

Alison said...

You are too cute!

Joan Allen Photo said...

Not only loving the blue hair, but, love the photograph of you as well. Blue eyes, blue towel. Well done!

Joan Allen Photo said...

The most beautiful smurf in the village!

BANMS said...

tavi your blue hair inspired me to dye mine blue but i only did streaks of it with some other colour(dat i didn't wanted at first.. hairdresser's idea n all dat now i look like a peacock XDXD)
hehehe anyways, LOVE the hair :D

Empress said...

Paris Fashion week was so awesome, I'm so inspired by the new collections. Haute Couture is like being transported to the most beautiful place on earth.

Check out my Spring/Summer Haute Couture pics at http://truequeen.com

Mrs.Dinosaur said...

your hair looks very very cool :]
I like it <3

Your Blog is amazing <3

eresmuyborde said...

your hair looks great! lol i love your blue-hair colour that so cool!!!!
kisses tavi!

-i follow you now!!!:D-

dy of ghost said...

that first photo of you is awesome, you look spectacular!

katheryn love said...

What did you dye your hair with? I tried to go ice blue a few months ago with no success. :(

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Helen said...

I just adore your artistic ability. Its just so flawless, I sometimes find it hard to believe you're only like 13. I especially love the first one, it really reminds me of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. :D

Helen Neely

Flowerbomb said...

Your style is amazing, you don't care about other one's opinion :)

Sam said...

I think I've seen the Lula article, and that is why I bleached my hair for 6 times to get a cotton candy-ish look :) (I have dark hair since i'm a japanese...)

Anyway, I love your blue hair :D

zoomslow said...

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gg said...




Charlotte said...

Hey Tavi,

I just wanted to let you know that I linked you on my blog, as I think you have a pink-pastel hair fan here in Manchester, UK. Check it out:

The Style Rail - Street Style - Emily


Chiara said...

The title of the shooting is a quote from the Rolling Stones.... "She's a rainbow". Listen to it Tavi, it's gorgeous!

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Poppy said...

if your an oompa loompa, you're like the head oompa loompa who has amazing taste and is really funny


Izumihiiiflower said...

you look like the girl on this magazine!

Anhalt said...

That Lula spread features a friend of mine from New Trier, a couple years younger than myself. Who was once a very awkward skinny adolescent ska girl and has now made quite a name for herself on the runway and in editorials. Funny how that happens!

You're from the Chicago burbs right? If so, what a small high fashion world!

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