Oh man! Shala Monroque always looks awesome and is officially a favorite internet stalkee of mine. She wore the long Miu Miu SS10 cat dress with a feather in her hair at the MOCA event a couple weeks ago and had the studded Prada heels I wrote a love letter to during Fashion Week. At Alexander Wang she was dressed like a Coco Chanel horseback rider and in this slideshow she has the yellow skirt from Prada Spring 2001, which I know about thanks to Laia's obsession. At some point she wore the Christopher Kane gorilla dress too, also die-worthy. So classy and elegant but still interesting. She never resorts to anything plain but easy to get away with..
And now she is in Rodarte. So I HAD to post.PS hiiii Naomi, hi Elizabeth, how are you
Oh Shala. Is there a song with "Shala" in it? Because then I would make a parody of it now. Or maybe one about Shabbat that talks about challah? Hm. I'll come back to that one.


AR said...

isnt she just the absolute best?!!
j'adore :)

Anonymous said...

I know it's silly, but I wish my legs looked like that...

WendyB said...

Nice to see that colorful outfit bracketed by two black dresses...

Jenna said...

wow, wow, wow!

zeeta said...

for songs with 'shala' maybe you can say brown eyed girl?:/

hil said...

that rodarte dress has had my heart from the first time i laid eyes on it. and it's even lovelier to see it off-runway, on a real human being.

and as for a shala song, you can't go wrong with kiss the girl from the little mermaid :)

Anonymous said...

Just clicked to say Brown Eyed Girl, but I see I've been beat! Rodarte definitely suits her.

50two said...

OH!! the venga boys song that goes
" my heart goes shala-la-la-la *clapclapclap* shalala in the mooooooooorning"


Robyn said...

Wow! The colours of that dress are just wonderful~ Spring coloursi n the winter are great.


Carlos Alberto Silva said...


The Bible of fashion,
MAISON CHAPLIN.blogspot.com

Molly<3 said...

omg you are just awesome tavi. I mean it.

Anonymous said...

tavi, you are amazinggggg. i want to be you!

Unknown said...

hahahaha there is this one


mademoiselle créative said...

Your post sounds very enthusiastic and your blog is great!


SHALALALA. oh my my. you got to go ahead and kiss the girl.

The Little Mermaid? Yes? No? Probably not what you had in mind, but why not tap into your inner childhood...

Yeah, I'm a little pleased that I thought of a song. Hah.


Mel said...

you've got a very good blog :)

Sheik-Chan said...

They all look darling~ :3 Love the outfits.

^~^ Ahh..Rodarte!

stylespotterfashionblogger said...

Love her. Love the Christopher Kane Gorilla dress..love all of christopher kane actually. note to self-blog about christopher kane. seem to be doing all my blogging about lanvin.
check my blog out ;0 love yours. you are properly passionate and know your stuff.

hannah banananan said...

i love the caluged (did i spell that right??) look of it (the dress) very pretty!!! and funky!!! challah sound pretty good now haha, that would be a very intresting song... haha. but like everyone else is saying little mermaid, kiss the girl, one of mmy fav movies haha yes i know..., im a little old for that stuff but some times you have to break out the inner junk !!!! luv ya!!!

MrJeffery said...

love these 3 dresses! esp the rodarte

Anonymous said...

The Rodarte dress is pure love!! Shala rocks!

TheSoracle said...

try this one on.


Emilie said...

Thanks to exposure from you, I am so obsessed with Rodarte...Everything they create is beautiful and also distinctive..I can always tell a Rodarte piece apart from anything else. THIS DRESS IS SO SICK.

Edith O said...

you are pretty much the most awesome person ever. you have 4 million readers? thats the entire population of new zealand (not including the possums which number around 30 million) so i reckon teach the possums to read and you have 34 million readers. theres no-one in new zealand as cool as you cause they all leeeaaave. but actually karen walker and kate sylvester are good. you should hit that shit up. and trelise cooper and deadly ponies and stuff.ummm im not from tourism new zealand the whole point of this comment was to tell you that you're awesome and whenever you post something new my heart SINGS with joy. haha some quality personification there (an example of why i cant write a blog but yoooooouuu can)
keep it classic!

bianca said...

so beautiful. rodarte = L O V E. love your blog.

Mila said...

Isn't she the best? They all look amazing, I love the shoes too.


laia. said...

i cant believe you caught all three of them haha...

Unknown said...

She's a sweetheart! Definitely the new It girl:)


firefly said...

Beautiful dress, nice picture! I wish our camera was as good, heh. Glad to hear that you had a good time in Japan.

BTW: do you still read manga?

Tavi said...

edith o-I have nowhere near even 50 thousand readers, some article made up 4 million!! Thank you for the very sweet comment. Possums freak me out.

laia-HAHA I have my EYE ON YOU

firefly-I haven't in a while! Kind of lost interest for a bit..sort of, erm, forgot about it.

Thank you for the song suggestions! KISS THE GIRL! Of course!

Julie Anne Rhodes said...

You are just so cool I can't stand it! I'm totally addicted to your blog my young fashion guru. You are living proof that chic transcends generations. xo

Unknown said...

Cool picture Tavi.

I will post it on BaniCeleb.blogspot.com

Greetings ^^

simonesays said...


Divalocity said...

Tavi, you have the pleasure of working with her. She is one of my favorite new "IT" Girls and was even so nice to give me a little interview. I love to see newer individual style and not the ideas of a stylist and Shala is just that. I wish her all the best.

Shala said...

i love shala's dress!
and her name too..
haha we have the same name.

rlove said...

SHALA la la la la...you gotta kiss the girl'

Anonymous said...

Kiss the Girl from Little Mermaid! : )

Nuria Razetdinova said...

ооо, я обожаю Наоми...она божественна

AMIT said...

Yeah together looks really awesome.

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banahna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
banahna said...

Ok, Tavi, I know everyone has been saying Kiss the Girl. But seriously the best Shala song is:
"Shala, la la la la, live for today"
It's a serious classic. plus this video is awesome:

And you seriously are a genius. always.

Unknown said...

wow! I am inspired I love this blog!!! You've sorta inspired me to create one myself!

Maddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


DAVIDE B. said...

Tavi you are beatiful. I dont speak english but i see in an article in vogue. you very very strange but i love this =)
sorry for my langage

C.M. Jamieson said...

just found this blog yesterday, and have already gotten all the way here! In addition to the songs mentioned, "Mr Jones and Me" by the Counting Crows opens with him going "Shalalalalalala" (there is also a mention of Bob Dylan ^_^)
Love the blog, love the outfits, love the mad love for riot grrrl and bob dylan and colors and cardigans and bows and doc martens and ghost world and all he other wonderful things you love :)

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