Oh man! Shala Monroque always looks awesome and is officially a favorite internet stalkee of mine. She wore the long Miu Miu SS10 cat dress with a feather in her hair at the MOCA event a couple weeks ago and had the studded Prada heels I wrote a love letter to during Fashion Week. At Alexander Wang she was dressed like a Coco Chanel horseback rider and in this slideshow she has the yellow skirt from Prada Spring 2001, which I know about thanks to Laia's obsession. At some point she wore the Christopher Kane gorilla dress too, also die-worthy. So classy and elegant but still interesting. She never resorts to anything plain but easy to get away with..
And now she is in Rodarte. So I HAD to post.PS hiiii Naomi, hi Elizabeth, how are you
Oh Shala. Is there a song with "Shala" in it? Because then I would make a parody of it now. Or maybe one about Shabbat that talks about challah? Hm. I'll come back to that one.