stylish people from nyfw being stylish and stylish and cool and stylish

At Maria Cornejo, Naomi Nevitt of Teen Vogue, with the best mini-heeled shoes and smile ever! (notice how my camera is looking up at her from like, 3 feet below her face. Chick is tall.)
Let's play guess whose heel it is! Hint: Not Olivier Zahm.
Eilzabeth's JANGLE and W.L. tattoo. JANGLE (which always requires ALL CAPS) is stuff she's been collecting since she was a kid (she still pretty much is): a frying pan with an egg in it, a whiskey bottle (thought these charmz were for, like, 6 year olds?) with "whiskey" spelled incorrectly, skateboard that says "boys boys," and headphones that remind me of Betty Spaghetti dolls. We decided Betty Spaghetti was W.L.'s new nickname, too.IMG_8784
Laia's RIDONKULUS shoe sock combination. A+++++IMG_8780
The loveeeeeely Julia Frakes in an awesome outfit and THOSE Tsumori Chisato tights that make me think of happy and rainbows and unicorns and favorite person
I WAS SO OBSESSED WITH BRADLEY'S OUTFIT AND KEPT DEMANDING HE LET ME TAKE HIS PICTURE. For one, the hair. For two, the shirt with the criss-cross pie crust pattern. For three, a beaded collar thing that didn't come with the other stuff. For four, the perfect pouf shoulder blazer, thrifted. Way more perfect than any sharp shoulder military jacket that Balmain showed this season. Bet you didn't see that coming! Also unexpected: glitter, distressed denim, cheap-looking fabrics...
Ok now back to something that doesn't make me want to vomit:
he tied a SCARF around his BOOT. can't even comprehendo.
SCARF tied around BOOT! I
ZANA ZANA ZANA in weird secret Milk studios elevator and her own harness.
epic chick with silver eyebrows and curtain clothes and granny glasses
I was so obsessed with her, and so was everyone and their mom's street style blogs, BUT I haven't seen any other pictures of her in this with the glasses on, so...TRIUMPH!
Srslytho, SILVER eyebrows, nudish/yellowish/gold carpet-curtain print layers, gold glasses...Fall inspiration board time.
fabiola beracasa at wang, lookin fly
Fabiola Beracasa at Alexander Wang in rad creepers. Also pictured: Clog-Wearing Long-Haired Blonde Man Giving Me Dirty Look.
tights buddies!
I don't remember whose tights those are (failfailfail) but we were kinda matching and happy.
OH OH OH! It was Lauren Santo Domingo. How in the hell do you not remember that kind of thing? LSD FTW.
laia's amazing miu mius
Laia's Miu Mius (jkgregrjkgaelyigbb.)
kristin & susie, lookin fly
The maaaarvelous ladies of The Clothes Whisperer and Style Bubble. Susie let me creepily pet her skirt even though I'd met her only like a minute before. ME CREEPY NO WAY LOLZ.
PS It felt like happiness