best part of fw #1

Hey DWEEBS, so like, here's a picture of me with this guy Marc at his show in New York. He was totally nice and it was super cool that we got to chat, though honestly I was real tired and it was sort of a time waster. Like, what's the big deal, yknow?OH WHO AM I KIDDING. THIS MADE MY LIFE. I AM STILL GIDDY AND THESE PICTURES MAKE ME WARM AND FUZZY INSIDE. WHEN I TALKED TO HIM I WAS WAY HAPPIER/LESS CREEPY THAN I LOOK IN THE ABOVE PICTURE. WELL, PROBABLY NOT LESS CREEPY, BUT YEAH.Now imagine this image, but over tea and boater hats. BFFS RITE?

I didn't really give him room to talk but if I did I'm sure he would have said stuff like "How very kind of you, would you like some free custom made ruffled bodysuits and to meet Juergen?" or "How would you like to walk on water with me and Venetia sometime? Wait, you don't know how to walk on water? I'll teach you, but you need to get some free pairs of those boots from last season with the toes going upward first." Even though I didn't really let him talk you can see that even so he is very kind and gracious and nice while I'm saying "um" more than I am actual words.

So, to sum up, I die, then come back to life and die again, then come back to life, watch Mary Poppins because I realized just the other day I haven't watched it since like 5th grade, then die, again.

Thank you Laia for the pictures!

P.S. I'm dead
P.P.P.S. I'll try to never rub it in again