i mean you can get this at walgreens right?

Really feelin the makeup at Galliano. There were way too many good things about this show really, definitely must contain hyperventilating thoughts for another post. But anyway, smokey eyed-creepy doll-Kazuo Ohno for Sachiko Kuru-queen of hearts-hooker? That's how I like my women! Because we all know I'm quite the ladies' man:With the obvz gorg Tallulah Harlech and Fabiola Beracasa at the Pop party last month.

Speaking of, I never really wrote about that party. Basically: Daphne Guiness + Olivier Zahm dancing together = MINDBLOWINGLY AMAZING, not knowing you're talking to Cindy Sherman even though every photo she takes is of herself is the definition of stupid (edit: I worded this really weirdly, I LOVE Cindy Sherman, what I meant was that not knowing you're talking to her when all of her pictures are OF her makes you very stupid. Okay neurotic paranoid jew anyway moving on), talking about zombies with Kate of Rodarte in the coat room (which only had about 6 Warhols on its walls, no biggie) was a nice way to relax, I am and always will be an AWFUL dancer but it's slightly more fun when the dancefloor is a glass-covered pool that changes colors, Shala has already beat anyone that planned on wearing Miu Miu Fall 09 at looking as gorgeous as possible in it, and, as you can probably tell by my asshole expression in any pictures from the party, meeting idols is overwhelming.
And that dress made meh feel lak a preenciss.
And so concludes the miraculous saga of how I stunk up Larry Gagosian's house with the smell of locker room-infested deoderant.G'night folks.

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