sonia rykiellla, ella, ella, ay, ay, ay

Whaddup outdated pop references? Anyway...
I loooved Sonia Rykiel. I imagine that for models it must be a very fun show since they can smile and laugh and be a little goofy and not stagger like they are going to murder someone/walk very intently towards the end of a walkway only to angrily turn back.
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The hair discs were used throughout the show, I'm definitely going to have to make myself one, somehow. They look a little like berets, but without the cheesiness of berets in a fashion show set in Paris, which is a cute, very French and very Rykiel touch. I love the quilted Chanel purse fer yer bod (similar to the quilted Alexander Wang shorts? If you can afford to buy both I demand that you wear them together and send me a picture. To accompany the picture, howsabout the clothing you wore in it, as well. Just for, um, practicality's sake.)
PS, the sheer purple biker shorts layered underneath idea is super rad.
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Yay cute triangle shirts (that I feel could be really hipster but aren't?) tucked into nice highwaisted pants.
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Nice and classy. Won't be surprised to see Mobama wearing any of these pieces.
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The trench is a BIT too similar to the Prada one from forever ago and I am not totally on board with the palm tree (guess it makes it more Spring) but I am all for the random mutating shoulder bouquet and the SR initials. And the fancy little number on the far left is calling my name.

What a lovely thing to come home to after throwing up in gym class! I swear that is as stereotypically "middle school" as it gets.