oh well i can see why you would want to skip latin. it's only the BUILDING block of our LANGUAGE.

Oheywhaddup guys.
How was your weekend?
A while ago I went thrifting and bought lots of stuff that was either plaid, light pink, or olive green because of Comme des Garcons aw09, which remains one of my favorite collections of all time (OF ALL TIME! Wait no that joke got old like 3 weeks ago.) Today I finally actually wore some of it. Procrastination nation.
Untitled 2
Green doodle coats, brown and green plaids, light pink button downs, the back being different from the sleeves.
Untitled 1
Thrifted shoes and button-down and button-down-pretending-to-be-skirt. Mom's green skirt pinned to back of pink shirt. Don't know why the light is so MEAN because the shirt is actually way more pink, like this:
Untitled 3
Light pink tulle and red side kiss..
One of these days I would really like to have a model to take pictures of as opposed to lugging around a tripod and taking pictures of myself with a self-timer as neighbors and classmates wander past confusedly. Well, the last part is kind of fun, but the main point is that I am so very tired of my face and people are pretty.
All for tonight, folks. Zzzzzzhomeworkzzzzfreaksandgeekszzzz.