Hiii guys. I was just in New York for something special (Boo secrecy! I would love to say if I could) and ran into the loooooveeeellyyyy Julia Frakes by a weird coincidence.
Oh, btdubs, Julia, can we do a FACE SWAP? And maybe hair swap too? Thaaaanks. thanks. Seriously...this is usually a MONDAY MORNING face.

We had talked about getting together and she texted me that she'd be at this one restaurant with dad and I went to the Strand and then walked to the restaurant just to pop in but they weren't there. We kept walking and went into one place that looked cute and WHO WOULD BE THERE EXCEPT JULIA HERSELF? Her phone had died so she couldn't text me that they weren't .at the first restaurant..we talked for a while and then my dad and I ate dinner and then we came back and talked some more. She is one of the sweetest people is impossible to not want to plan a shopping/Woody Allen movies day after talking with her for five minutes.
I wanted to go in! But that would probably make for an unhealthy outcome. And it wasn't open. But like...still.
Saw these plastic bags with stitches hanging from a tree in an alley..
I watched Ghost World last weekend and now all I want to do is dress like Enid and Rebecca. I've also become way more bitter and cynical since watching this movie 3 times in 2 days! In fact, Ella just told me "No wonder people read your blog, you're so charming" in response to a message I left her yesterday that was basically "When do you come home you stupid...stupid." I'm usually bitter but it was truly accentuated after going into a store and hearing a kid from my school talk about how he prefers reggae when he and his band "jam" and that was achingly similar to this portion of the film:

Catwoman sunglasses, joke shop. Vivienne Westwood top, gift (from a family friend who is so cool and owns Comme from the 80's!!) Thrifted schoolgirl skirt. Floral docs.
And...books bought at The Strand.The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey-No explanation needed. It's genius! And a classic! When you like stories about little children that are killed! (Also Edward Gorey is the Edward fellow who is not amused in my sidebar to those who ask)

Fashon Now 2-I have to be honest, when I first saw a BOOK called FASHION NOW, I was kind It's a BOOK. Not a magazine, which is periodical and very..NOW-y. I thought it would make more sense for i-D to just have done a super duper special edition issue with all their trends since, yknow, it's fashion NOW, and soon NOW will not be NOW. And books are things that generally last even when NOW becomes...then? And magazines are more about NOW. Ok, I think you get it by now (NOW). (You know, after a while, the word NOW looks really funny).
ANYWAY, after actually, erm, y'know, LOOKING AT THE BOOK I saw that it's about designers and not trends and that obviously made more sense. I haven't gotten a good look through it yet but I can vouch for the pictures being very pretty! Er.

D.V. by Diana Vreeland-I usually don't buy books until I've read them and know that I need to own them (aside from when I bought Invisible Monsters which was..a waste of money) but D.V. is kind of a must, DUH. Can't wait to read this.

Also, Part One of September issue reviews coming up...