Hiii guys. I was just in New York for something special (Boo secrecy! I would love to say if I could) and ran into the loooooveeeellyyyy Julia Frakes by a weird coincidence.
Oh, btdubs, Julia, can we do a FACE SWAP? And maybe hair swap too? Thaaaanks. thanks. Seriously...this is usually a MONDAY MORNING face.

We had talked about getting together and she texted me that she'd be at this one restaurant with dad and I went to the Strand and then walked to the restaurant just to pop in but they weren't there. We kept walking and went into one place that looked cute and WHO WOULD BE THERE EXCEPT JULIA HERSELF? Her phone had died so she couldn't text me that they weren't .at the first restaurant..we talked for a while and then my dad and I ate dinner and then we came back and talked some more. She is one of the sweetest people is impossible to not want to plan a shopping/Woody Allen movies day after talking with her for five minutes.
I wanted to go in! But that would probably make for an unhealthy outcome. And it wasn't open. But like...still.
Saw these plastic bags with stitches hanging from a tree in an alley..
I watched Ghost World last weekend and now all I want to do is dress like Enid and Rebecca. I've also become way more bitter and cynical since watching this movie 3 times in 2 days! In fact, Ella just told me "No wonder people read your blog, you're so charming" in response to a message I left her yesterday that was basically "When do you come home you stupid...stupid." I'm usually bitter but it was truly accentuated after going into a store and hearing a kid from my school talk about how he prefers reggae when he and his band "jam" and that was achingly similar to this portion of the film:

Catwoman sunglasses, joke shop. Vivienne Westwood top, gift (from a family friend who is so cool and owns Comme from the 80's!!) Thrifted schoolgirl skirt. Floral docs.
And...books bought at The Strand.The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey-No explanation needed. It's genius! And a classic! When you like stories about little children that are killed! (Also Edward Gorey is the Edward fellow who is not amused in my sidebar to those who ask)

Fashon Now 2-I have to be honest, when I first saw a BOOK called FASHION NOW, I was kind It's a BOOK. Not a magazine, which is periodical and very..NOW-y. I thought it would make more sense for i-D to just have done a super duper special edition issue with all their trends since, yknow, it's fashion NOW, and soon NOW will not be NOW. And books are things that generally last even when NOW becomes...then? And magazines are more about NOW. Ok, I think you get it by now (NOW). (You know, after a while, the word NOW looks really funny).
ANYWAY, after actually, erm, y'know, LOOKING AT THE BOOK I saw that it's about designers and not trends and that obviously made more sense. I haven't gotten a good look through it yet but I can vouch for the pictures being very pretty! Er.

D.V. by Diana Vreeland-I usually don't buy books until I've read them and know that I need to own them (aside from when I bought Invisible Monsters which was..a waste of money) but D.V. is kind of a must, DUH. Can't wait to read this.

Also, Part One of September issue reviews coming up...


Teegee Villanueva said...

OHMYGAD you're the thirteen year old superblogger, I love your blog Tavi!

Chloe Tweeny said...

Plastic bags with stitches? classic!


softbonesbabyy said...

ghost world being my favorite film since 6th grade (I'm 2nd year in college mind you), i highly suggest you read some of daniel clowes' work. the 'eightball' series being the inspiration for the film.
graphic novels are fun.
try it.

TheShoeGirl said...

I'm obsessed with Ghost World. Def one of my favoritest movies ever.

Rene Schaller said...

Dear Tavi,

we put a link to you blog on our facebook-side.... we love your blog!!!!

Best from TASCHEN Store Berlin,

lydia said...

aww you and julia look adorable together.

YES edward gorey.

Unknown said...

lovely pics - so jealous you were in new york x

Christine said...

i hate you :P. your soo lucky. <3 julia, i think i saw her one day in nyc too. in the village... ahh anyway. imma guess your there for weardrobe? haha

Jenna said...

I really should see that film!

check out my blog:

parasites that dwell in you said...

fashion now 2 is a wicked book! i wish i had the chiaki kuriyama cover though ;/

jem said...

Ghost World is my all time favorite movie/book ever.
(insert enid love)
I'm making an enid doll at the moment, complete with Dr Martens. She's going to be my new best imaginary friend.

FF said...

i know nothing of Ghost World. But, I do know a thing or two about fashion (well, I claim to). Check out and shout out if you're coming to London anytime soon. Great blog (yours, not mine)

Maddie said...

I have Fashion Now 2! :)

Korianne said...
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Korianne said...

Wasn't the Strand awesome? I could just live there.

Isabel said...

"You guys up for some reggae tonight?"

Oh man, what a classic movie line. Your outfit blends Enid and Rebecca together perfectly. Every Halloween, I dress up as Enid and no one gets it. How sad!

Melissa Walker said...

DV is the BEST. BOOK. Ever.

teri said...

hihihi tavi!! u have a very eclectic sense of style! its so fun :) you've probably got this a lot, but i just had to say it! ur great!


kokostiletto said...

Awesome you were in NY - I was just there - loved it !

Kylie said...

I remember when Ghost world came out when i was like, 14. I wanted to see it so madly, then when i did I fell asleep and was bored. Then I watched it again maybe 2 years later and realized it was the bet thing I had ever seen!! Good times, good outfits.

Btw, sooo jelz of The Gashlycrumb tinies book. I've only been looking all over for that for about 4 years, so bigz. How could anyone NOT know who the geezer is on your sidebar... I mean, it's GOREY!!! C'mon now.


Unknown said...

New York! New York! :) Boo to secrecy tavi! Spill! Spill! LOL. ;)

Unknown said...

New York! New York! :) Boo to secrecy tavi! Spill! Spill! LOL. ;)

Anonymous said...

i love this blog,, although it's my first visit here, i like the colorful nails and the ghost world uniform.. esp. floral docs.. dream of wearing em one day. just dreaming :P

SC said...

Great book choices! (even better outfit choice. i really.. should go and watch ghost world shouldn't i? i keep putting it off. it's because of my reasonable hatred towards scarlett johanson in movies. it's a love-hate relationship probably, because somehow, i love her new song Relator with pete yorn.)

Oh, but Invisible Monsters was pretty good, imo ): Chuck Palaniuk is a great author.

Arushi Khosla said...

Aw love that pic! And gotta adore Scarlette!

Anonymous said...

Nice book choices!

dzzy said...

oooh! i was just in new york doing a program at parsons, and i went to cafe wha! it was so much fun!

kate cait sith said...

Life of a young jetsetter. Would you like some Michael Kors with that lifestyle?
+ This is me kind of irrationally overanalyzing but: London=Pop+LOVE, NYC=world domination.

Anonymous said...

Ghost world is my favorite movie.
Youre love of Cynicism is remarkabley similar to my own. I need to get some Edward Gorey books.

Starr Crow said...

wow, you my dear are the most adorable and original thing around. i love your cynicism, can't believe your only 13!

i've got the fashion NOW book too! it really is a handy one with the designers and all.

have a great weekend! :)

Nicole Francois said...

Dude Tavi. Fashionista and/or fashionlogie (both? more sources i'm sure...) reported on what you were doing in New York, and I've been dying to hear what you're going to say about it. Rodarte ftw! (which they do and have and I wish I were friends with them too.) So how about you just email me all the juicy tidbits, mmmkay? You're the best. I'll be starting my own blog, fashion-based, very soon. I'm over twice as old as you but you've got more cool in your prepub fingertips than I've let out my whole life. Keep on being awesome.

Paige said...

Julia's head looks like it's photoshopped on. Maybe she just has more joints in her neck than all other mammals. Cool.

Nicole Francois said...

Dude Tavi. Fashionista and/or fashionlogie (both? more sources i'm sure...) reported on what you were doing in New York, and I've been dying to hear what you're going to say about it. Rodarte ftw! (which they do and have and I wish I were friends with them too.) So how about you just email me all the juicy tidbits, mmmkay? You're the best. I'll be starting my own blog, fashion-based, very soon. I'm over twice as old as you but you've got more cool in your prepub fingertips than I've let out my whole life. Keep on being awesome.

WendyB said...

I had the Cafe Wha? band play at my wedding :-)

zeeta said...

ha ha i just went to new york today. maybe next time i should go to the strand instead of wasting money at street fairs and japanese bookstores...oh silly suburban kids xD

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

GAH! ur so great. Love ur blog!

M. said...
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Unknown said...

I love love love the Ghost World comic, i need to see the film, thora birch! x

Anonymous said...

i just loved ghostworld... it really captured that post-high school i don't know what i'm going to do with my life feeling... that sadly lingered with me for a very long time.

i'm almost positive it won't happen to you!

anyway my dear, i'm in chicago now... we're settling in, but i'd love to meet up in the near future!



Jenny said...

Love love your ghost world uniform xx

The Fashion Prince said...
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Ilana said...

Love your blog. You are cool. Enough said ;)

sloane said...

UGH!!! i wish i had ran into you in nyc when you were there.. you continue to become increasingly cool.. I LOVE GHOST WORLD!! its the best movie ever.. a littl sad, but that makes a good movie. you know that indian rock song that enid keeps dancing to? thats totally my favorite song right now. it's funny cuz i actually watched that movie twice in a row in one day. hah

flo said...

tavi you are so surprisingly self conscious for your age, im sure you'll be like the next anna wintour or whatever you want to be when you grow up. youll get whatever you want! cheers for you (:

Marie said...

you have so much style for a 13year-old! I love your blog!

Isabelle said...

Ghost World is supreme, I don't think there is a single bit of the film I haven't endlessly quoted.

Love this guy who plays Tobias Funke in Arrested Development at 5.10

"Hey you're wearing a green dress, what are you, irish?"

Ashley said...

I'd love to read DV by Diana Vreeland. And can't wait for your reviews! You put words together much more eloquently and intelligently than I ever could.

N said...

Hey Tavi!
you and Jules look supercute! I presume it's at the Duck???? I was interning for a few photographers in NYC this summer and hung out there a lot with Jules and Ali! did you meet Ali too??? Jules and Ali are both two really good friends of mine!

this post made me miss New York a LOT!! you hit all the best places... STRAND!! the Duck.... i spent all of my time in a place called Dashwood Books (all photo books) - it's on Bond St...

your haircut is superrrrr snazzzyy btw, loooove it!


N said...

whoops my blogger acct is non-existent, i should have left a comment with my actual ID/website so that i come across as an actual real person. or


Joshua Guerci said...

i love ghost world! not many 'teen films' have the guts to really make fun of themselves. a film full of pathetic characters but doesn't really play the sympathy card. its just suburban grotesque. and delicious.

Jessica Brown said...

Just read your blog, I love it! :) I can't believe how well you write, better than most adults not just for someone your age (without sounding patronising)! You put my blog to shame! Keep it up :)
P.S Ghost World is a great film :)

arsenicofago said...

i love ghost world and i love enid so bad !!!

The Spicers said...

Gashlycrumb Tinies is my kids' favorite book-a classic!

Lucy in the Sky said...

haha I have a feeling I know what this secret special event was. :x

love the floral Docs! Quite possibly the only pair I'd ever wear if I found some.

(always)alanna said...

i have fashion now 2- uhmayyzing collection of designers.
you should be the inspiration..

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