Clothing With a Cause update+Lucky Packs

(To find out what Clothing With a Cause is, click here.)

First of all, the amount of money it's raised so far comes to a little over $510, including a donation the folks at Weardrobe made in exchange for a goody box full of things for the Weardrobe Closet. Yay you guys!

In the beginning of the summer I said I would keep selling until the end of it, and there are still TONS of donations I need to get rid of and will keep selling throughout the school year until they're all sold. To get rid of them in bulk I asked Belle for permission to use her ingenious Lucky Packs idea.

What it is what it is
-A Lucky Pack is a box filled with goodies. There will be around 3 items of clothing, 2 accessories, and a fun book or zine or inspiration print, and a mix of new and vintage. Fun!
-It is all about luck, hence the name. You might like what you get and you might not, but you can always resell, or you can gift, or whatever. Even if you don't like everything you get, you'll still know the money goes to a good cause, and that certainly can't be a bad thing.
-I say I need to get rid of these items because they're donations, not because I wouldn't love to own them myself! Everything going in your Lucky Pack is something I would wear or like to own myself, if not, that's lame.
This is an example of one, minus a third piece of clothing which would actually be included.

How to order
I'm not using eBay for this and am doing just 3 Lucky Packs to begin with. First come, first serve!
1. Email me at with the subject line reading "Lucky Packs."
2. Type in your name, address and size.
3. I will reply with PayPal information (only form of payment, sorry.)
4. You will send money to the PayPal account.
5. I will email you once your item has been shipped. Worldwide shipping. $5 for US, $10 for everywhere else.

Each Lucky Pack is $65. Remember, one dress, a top, a bottom, two accessories, and a zine or little book or mini poster. Say you were to normally spend $25 on a dress, $15 on a top, $15 on a bottom, $5 for one accessory and $10 for the other, and $10 on a zine. That's more than the Lucky Packs cost, and the money goes to Darfur. There are no refunds-I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff here-but if you don't like what you get, you can always resell.

It starts now, so email me asap if you're interested!
Thanks guys!!!!!!!!! xo


Miann - Fashion Falsehood said...

Such a great idea! I love the concept of sustaining the flow of positive energy through donations and gifting. Good luck with it all.

Miann x

josephine said...

cool idea! if you make more later (once my Paypal account isn't acting so stupidly) I would love to buy one. I hope you keep 'em coming!

A said...

Do you group things by sizes? Are most of the items small, for example?

Sondra said...

Sounds awesome! And for a good cause. Wish I had a PayPal account though. And, you know, money.

Eline said...

NOEZ, let me know when you have cheap lucky packs! Seeing as I'm a poor student I really can't justify buying 65 dollars worth of things I've never seen. Cause you know maybe I should start learning food comes first before books and clothes ;_;

Amble said...

this is such a clever idea and props to you for doing something that will raise money for a great cause. have just added your blog after reading a piece on you in UK Grazia magazine...have you seen it?

Julia said...

This is really great, Tavi!
I love the idea of clothing for a cause. I'll spread the word! Maybe I'll order one myself...:)

Silvestre said...

Wow. Very good Idea!
Like glasses and belt.

Zany Style said...

i love your first day of school outfit. and the red glasses on this post well.... i can just see uwearing them already. and that belt.... don't get me started. all i can say is u hit the jackpot!


MM said...

I don't have paypal in my country :(

Silvestre said...

what a pity, J'm from poland...
But J want this box :}
Soooo super idea.

Chloe Tweeny said...

It's great that you've raised over $500 so far! love the lucky pack concept, too

Isabel said...

Rock on! I love this idea, and how you're doing it all for charity. Make Mary proud, girl!

george said...

how much do you reckon that converts to in £££££'s?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Oh my god Tavi, you came into Luella last month didn't you?! I was the asian girl serving you! We were all mesmerized by your style! Well gd luck with your new term! I'll be reading ;-)

child-laishing# said...

hey girl,i love your shoes.where you bought it? i just saw you at the h&m magazine.good job!
hope you have a nice day:)

-Katya- said...

Such a great idea i love it i am going to persuade my mum so that she can get one for me amazing i love it the glasses are so cool and i love the belt i would so wear it all.....!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

it's like a cracker jacks fashion surprise..what a great idea..

+i'm glad you're using the belt i sent you!