first day of...something that rhymes with school


Honestly I've been kind of really excited for the school year to start because I wanted FALL more than anything, and there were getting to be too many days in the summer where I wouldn't get dressed or do anything until 4 in the afternoon and during the school year I've fought a battle every day by that time, whether it be wearing uncomfortable BUT VERY PRETTY AND THEREFORE VITAL necklaces or not getting killed in gym class (the latter is every. single. day.) Once I actually got to school it was like...ewwww. Why am I here. For the first couple hours I was as bitter and deadpan as all the ladies Lula issue 6 was based around but by the end of the day I was a) really happy with all of my teachers and b) really happy with how I decorated my composition book (McQueen in the front, Comme in the back. WUT.)thrifted dress and necklaces. random doily and bracelet. tsumori chisato socks and vintage boots, gifts.
I was trying to be a warm colored granny? Sure, we'll go with that. The dress is pretty big on me so I gathered and pinned lots of the excess fabric with a doily. I really am way more creative in dressing during the school year.
My lucky socks!
Highlights of the day:
-Being mistaken for a boy
-Being mistaken for being in the sixth grade (I'm in eighth)
-Being asked if I was AT THE WRONG SCHOOL. I can't even choose between the different sarcastic ways to react to this.
-Coming home and sleeping.
OH who saw Anna on Letterman last night? Man oh MAN you guys! It wasn't as climatic as the 60 Minutes one where the interviewer guy said, "SO Anna, what do you think about people calling you a-ahah, heh-bitch all the time? What do you think about being called a-(holds back grin)-bitch? Why do you think people call you a-heh, hehehmehhhh-BITCH?" a billion times, but it was enjoyable and way more interesting than that baseball player guy that came on afterwards (totally blah.)
She was nervous in the beginning and her voice was sorta shaky which I actually really liked. She plugged everything you'd expect her to, and even though I love Dave~ I was totally rooting for Adubz when she would give him backhanded compliments or flat out insults. He went into the whole "Do people actually WEAR those things on the STREET?" about designer clothes, and I felt like throwing my fork at the TV screen and then jumping in myself and giving him the rant I give every person in my family/every one of my friends that asks the same thing. He also was being an ass and asked questions she's answered all before, only without saying "bitch" repeatedly and smirking each and every time. OH WOW MR. LETTERMAN, ANNA WINTOUR DEFINITELY HAS NEVER BEEN ASKED ABOUT THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA BEFORE. As soon as he mentioned it she rolled her eyes and who can blame her? There are a million other things he could've asked. Anyway, I can't wait to see The September Issue.