i started writing this post about the first picture then decided to write what is basically a novel's length about how awesome some people are

Comme des Garcons S/S '94.
This is what I'm going to wear the rest of the summer. I've been too obsessed with layering and too caught up in the idea that minimalism equals boring. It does not! I want to find a way to wear it that doesn't stray too far away from my usual...acid-ness.
A few magazine things:
-I suck at keeping no-shopping pledges. Bought Flaunt and the new issue of Vogue Italia the other day.-Flaunt is cool. I love some of the art features, and the interview with Limi Yamamoto is aMAzing. I had no clue she thought so differently from her dad about fashion, or that Yohji kind of forced her into design. There's an article written by Thakoon which I didn't really get-it's about inventions, and one is a robot that adjusts sizes for fittings for designers, which I guess makes sense and is practical but I think if I were I designer I'd want to see the girl wearing the clothes. But I'm not a designer. Interesting to read his writing, anyway. I'm surprised they didn't jump on the SO MICHELLE OBAMA LOVES YOU deal like, uh, everyone else. The fashion editorials aren't really my thing and there's weird blood naked people stuff which is, uh, also not my thing, SOMEHOW. It goes on my bookshelf along with the other magazines I will never cut out of.-Vogue Italia is AMAZING. SERIOUSLY EPIC. For one, Kristen McMenamy is KILLING it in every single page with which she graces her beautiful face. The pictures in her feature and the cover all work so well together but still stand on their own like...things that stand on their own and are good at it (this is the vocabulary what I've learned from Seventh Grade Language Arts Class for Average Students, prettymuchyeah.) There's also a bajillion page spread with pictures and an article on Milla Jovovich and Sasha Pivov-pavlova (her new name after I discovered the dish in London,) both of which are MAH GURLS and I love them greatly. There is another spread with paintings of/pictures from the aw 09 Comme des Garcons collection, which I actually might have to tear out and frame, other than that, the magazine will remain unripped for all eternity. Other features: Rosario Dawson, an article by Toni Morrison, a few other great editorials and an art piece that kind of blew my mind. I don't know who or what it was about but the photos are crazy good, like some Kellogs cereal that I'm sure has used that term, "crazy good," at some point or another. I somehow can't even manage to hate the paparazzi pictures of models walking around and wanting privacy that the magazine features, and I think stuff like that is probably one of the stupidest things magazines do.
I'm just gonna go right ahead and say the articles are good too. I don't, uh, know Italian. But my mom does, or did, at one point. So nevermind. Any translators? Hehhhhh.
BUT WAIT! The magazine costs $16, but you also get a nice glossy supplement mag with pictures from all of the aw09 shows. Nice to have in print, especially for inspiration journals, and they don't waste paper with stupid and unopinionated reviews like SOME MAGAZINES. (Robin Givhan 4evz.) Anyway, I'm glad I didn't spend $20 on the hugeeee aw09 magazine I think Elle came out with a couple months ago-it was thick and nicer than this edition, but, uh, you know, $20. This Italia Vogue pack was $16 for the whole lot.
BUT WAIT AGAIN! (do I sound like an encylcopedia salesman yet? This is the encyclopedia to your LIFE though. So stop whining and learn how to be awesome, I mean GEEZ.)I would've spent $16 for this alone.
So last year, as ya'll know, Vogue Italia did a "Black Issue," which featured only black models and actresses. This year they did it using Barbies, and the articles pay homage to both black women in fashion and, of course, Barbie, since this year was her 50th anniversary. The editorials are amazing, the styling is great, and though I haven't been too fond of the clothes they've been making for Barbie in recent years (why no Sophie and I do not spend hours until 4 in the afternoon on her laptop playing Barbie.com makeup and dressup games what no) they made a lot of them look awesome and got to use clothes from decades ago (or so I presume) and all the styling is just rad and MAKES SENSE, which some editorials in REAL PEOPLE magazines do not. Like, hi, I'm on the beach, except this is my coat that isn't even ironic, just stupid. I've only read the Diana Ross article (they have one, you guys!) but whatever, the writing can be crap, the pictures are too good. It's also the perfect not-too-big-or-too-small (oh yes we are referencing GOLDILOCKS now, people) size. It's like a little book. And I have flipped through it and basically eaten every page a number of times now and am still not bored with it.-The July issue of Dazed & Confused is probably not available any longer because I think the new issue is out already but I'm glad I got it a couple days before the new one. Vivienne Westwood interview James Lovelock about Global Warming, David Lynch and Dangermous and Sparklehorse (hmm, one of these names does not belong in the mythical creature category, WHICH ONE?) Micachu and David Shrigley talk about art and music, Antony Hegarty and Riccardo Tisci talk about each other and this seriously beautiful fossil/bone/Georgia O'Keefe-like bolero that RicRic made AntAnt.IS THIS NOT EPIC.
The issue has good editorials like always and little interviews.
THIS I PLAN TO BUY TOMORROW IF I CAN SCRAPE TOGETHER SOME CASH:It's in 3-D! I don't even know who any of the people on the cover are but IT'S IN 3-D! *4th grade flashback to 3-D issue of Nickelodeon Magazine arriving in mail*
Nah, it'll be way better than that, of course. And no I never subscribed to that magazine for two years WHAT STOP INTERROGATING ME.
Also, I bet 2,469.99 bones that they use the Mario Schwab 3-D dress somewhere here. If I win I can afford that Yohji book I was telling you guys about the other day! Yep, the $3,000 one!

And lastly..I don't know if this is still around either but it's rather great. Lots of tiny interviews on basically every page-Raquel Zimmerman (she rocks), Mama Westwood (she rocks harder), two random teenage boys talking about Jack Kerouac and Aggy Deyn and getting drunk in the snow and being cool accompanied by two random pictures of them drunk but not in snow, crazy makeup artist Alex Box (she's eccentric and crazy though I don't think makeup and clothing can't exist without the other), Todd Selby (I adore him), the guy that started that magazine Wooooo (he's funny), Terry Jones (haven't finished that one yet), The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (marry me, Karen), Susan Boyle (I don't even know), and Alek Wek (I had no clue she was from Sudan!) (Speaking of, go support Clothing With a Cause! Please!) among others. One editorial about simply the color pink is awesome. Not bad for a 300th issue.

Well that's that. After the 3-D one I'd better refrain from buying any more for a month or so..September is coming up and September is the thickest!

I also am going to take a hiatus for the rest of the summer...there's not that much time left and I don't want to spend it on the Internet. If I get bored I'll post (expect this to happen a lot) but I want biking and reading to come first when I have nothing else to do. So uh, have a good rest of the summer, though you'll probably see me pathetically writing again here soon!


DENNI said...

love it all. great ones.


AFitz said...

bah just saying Worn totally had an idea for a 3d ed forever ago but obviously funding a million 3d glasses is a lot when you're an indie mag and now dazed is doing it and im BITTER. I'm still going to buy it though.

Lori said...

i need to buy that vogue italia, its the only vogue that i like and can actually read (besides vogue uk)

Anonymous said...

Nickelodeon Magazine in 3D! I mean, no I never had that magazine - or kept the 3D specs to see if there were hidden 3D messages in my everyday life :)

Hi, Tavi! Have a nice bike ride!

-Pyxie Gwynne

Anonymous said...

you should be a journalist, i hope you are
this is awesome..you focused on key things that are important to other followers of fashion and showcased in a unique light that no one else has
fun writing, great photos, individual opinion
love it!

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Amelia said...

The fact that I remember the Nickelodeon 3D issue so clearly is extremely worrying to me. Have a nice hiatus :)

giuli. said...

hey Tavi! totally agree with you on Vogue Italia. I was flipping through the pages while reading your blog. :) and btw i'm italian, so if u really need a translator, i'd be pleased to help you.
keep up with this good stuff.

Love, from Italy

Faith said...

@what book store can you find dazed&confused?
the greatest selection is at ONE barnes and noble&they don't even carry it there

desertöse said...
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desertöse said...

dear tavi, a lot of paper for one post... but I like the way you spend your summer. I think a new issue of my favourite magazine "cut" is coming out soon. unfortunately only in german. but I think you would like it too, look at this wonderful cover:


and at the inside it's even better. "never judge a book by its cover" doesn't work here.

Inspire the Starling said...

I love the way you're spending your summer, buried in magazines. I do the same with my spare time - you've inspired me to hope on the Tube and go to Boarders in Oxford Street today |:)

Don't fall off your bike. It hurts.

Chloe Tweeny said...

I'd love to buy a Vogue Italia some day, but where I live it costs the equivalent of $26, and I don't think i'm ready to spend that much on a magazine... yet!

Isabel said...

Dayumm, that's a lot of magazines! The old-ish issue of Dazed looks really good. The only one I actually have is the i-D, which rarely disappoints.

3253128 said...

hope you enjoy your summer hiatus but if you have time could you post pics of your new purchases, especially your hussein chalayan dress - im dyin to see it!

Voycik said...

I'll have to wait a few months just to buy these mags. It sucks. Amazing selections, though. I'll be, like every other month, buying them all.

Christine said...

I have a book about old time barbies (yeah lame I know) but back before she started to dress like a stripper, she did have some great style.

keira antoia rose said...

Oh wow. Love the covers of the past issue of Dazed and Confused and the i-d cover. Have a great rest of the summer. I'll miss your posts!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Soren Lorensen said...


i love antony hegarty and micachu and yeah so wooooo


Betty said...

Oh you got a good load. I used to always cut up fashion magazines (and most other magazines), but now I'm so hesitant to! I'm like: I can't cut this up, it's so beautiful and perfect!

Also, I never thought I'd spend more than $10 on a magazine (which even that was a lot but I was willing to do for British Vogue) until I bought LOVE.

Betty said...

oh, and of course, have a great rest of the summer

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering when school starts for people living in America. Hopefully someone can help me out with that.

Anyway, I think this post is great and your passion for all things fashion-related really shows through this post. :)

Katy said...

Stop it! You're making me jealous! And you have GOT to see Harold and Maude if you haven't already.

fashion nugget said...

you are one of my favourite bloggers, I adore how you're not afraid to write an essay on the importance on rei kawakubo...or Elto John. Lovely site.


Alicia said...

I need the middle combo.

Maddie said...

I want all those mags! You're so great at describing things. I sound weird. xD

yui said...

FLAUNT is cool. i'm so glad it never went out of print, i remember it was one of the first magazines i picked up when i went to the US (new york) for the first time when i was fifteen. oh man so many memories...i got it along with nylon (which wasnt quite so silly and hip yet) but yeah i remember thinking the editorials werent too great myself. i havent read the rest of your post cuz i gotta run, but good thing i have some bedtime reading to look forward to now!

Ashley said...

The Comme collection looks so beautiful. I love the gauzy fabrics.


LDF said...

Time to LIVE! Internet is not really living, I agree.
I quit blogging for a whole two days or something...
Have fun!

Unknown said...

omg my brother is in that magazine!!

Anonymous said...


Mademoiselle Ruta said...

i agree. minimalism is awesome.

awww have a great summer.

Unknown said...

3D is such a great idea! what is with the current obsession with 3d anyways? i saw a 3d webcam the other day...
i subscribed to nickelodeon magazine too.. it was good! wear it loud + proud :)

Nadia said...

you are seriously a freak of nature - in the best possible way. I can't believe at your age, you not only have a terrific knowledge of fashion, but you also write like a freakin' gun! pretty sure you're going to be a star miss. also can't believe you're not in my links... that will change pronto!

Jacinto 2009 said...


WendyB said...

Kristen McMenamy is definitely on my mind lately.

The beautiful and glammed said...

Really interesting blog! I was just at the Graduate Fashion Weeks in London and there was loads of layering used conceptually. Everyone seemed to be using it to lay bare the design process itself with interlocking and what not.

Nice to see layering used that way! xxx

Anonymous said...

hola! tavi.
You have been a real inspiration to me, our styles are definitely very different, well who could have a style such as yours,... its unique! but after 8 months vewing your blog., I have decided to create mine, im new and no ones following it, but if you wouldnt mine viewing it or any of the people who comment her... its;


tanks very much, by the way im spanish so sorry if my english is a bit crap people!


love, eugenia.

Love + Cake said...

WIsh I'd grabbed that Dazed and Confused issue...

Nice post, Tavi. And, totally agreed, Vogue Italia is AMAZING. I love it!

xox, mavi

Mar said...

Nice posta Tavi.
i Love it


AFitz said...

what am i crazy or did you just add the comme stuff?

Trendspiration said...

Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I have the i-D and the old dazed and wait the Vogue too but I need the rest. 3Dis too much fun. I spend too much on magazines.


Kaitlin Gallucci said...

i don't know if you've seen this yet, but you need it: http://www.houseofholland.co.uk/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=255&category_id=11&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1


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