hide your head in the sand little girl

Off to our cottage for a few days..don't know when we're coming back. THIS IS WHAT IT'S LIKE TO LIVE ON THE EDGE, GRANDMA. But it'll be within this week. I bet all the stuff I ordered this week will come while we're gone, too. They'll probably come today while we're on the train. And I'll be able to feel it. It's called Telepathy. Like in Matilda. Oh! That's the thing I meant to pack. Thanks for the reminder, guys.
My friend took me to an Elton John and Billy Joel concert the other night, which was awesome. I love Elton but Billy Joel was being a ham and telling lame jokes. Of the three Muppet Show VHS's the video rental place had, the Elton John one was my favorite, then Julie Andrews, then Gene Kelly. Billy Joel probably would've hit on Miss Piggy or spoken in German accents randomly (he did that in the concert..uh relevant.)That Donald Duck suit is Murakami daisy suits levels of awesome. And there are insane pictures of his outfits here. Eiffel Tower hat? Omg.
So I added up the costs of all the books I want to buy on Amazon (the whole no-shopping thing only applies for clothes, as of last night) and all the cheapest versions, not including shipping, total up to $1,279.26. There are some 2 thousand and 3 thousand dollar Tim Walker and Yohji books too, but maybe I can pay for those with my PENNY JAR OR SOMETHING *fumes*
Why are fashion books so expensive? And why did th
e local bookstore have to start carrying good foreign magazines that are all around $10? Who is God? Why do we exist? Just a few questions to get yer mind working in the morning. Puzzles, if you will.
And as I've been writing this one of the pairs of shoes I just ordered cam
e and ahhhhh, I can't wait to post. If today didn't require lots of walking I would wear them the whole time. And in my sleep. They fit perfectly and the sole is so comfy!
Ok, well off I gooooo. Have a good weekend!