3 favorites

Three of my favorite designers just being awesome as per usual. Y'know. Whatevs.

1. Hussein Chalayan Ad Campaign
Ye heard me. I was surprised but man what a great first campaign. I love the mysterious journal feel and sketches, which add a lot to the clothes even in pictures like the 4th one where you can't see the clothes really well.
Shit, could you imagine how epic an ad campaign for ss 09 would've been?! Still need to post on the impulse buy from that collection I made like a month ago and somehow still haven't posted on. The frugal grandma that makes up 96% of me wants to hate it but ummm it's beautiful.(source)

2. Rei Kawakubo's portrait series of Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER

AJRFWEGITUWAEHFKJSDBASD *flail* *falls* *gets back up* *flail*
One thing is that it's two of my favorite designers of all time, one of them honoring the other *flail* and all this awesome love goin around. But also seeing Rei Kawakubo's artwork outside of clothing is amazing too. Ugh, what can she not do. I bet she's even good at SPORTS. She probably makes stuff like
this in 5 minutes and then is all, "brb, game of b-ball with the dudes." And then she and Yohji and Issey and Junya play an intense game and then are all, "K, catch ya tomorrow at the black polka dotted garden with Yayoi."

3. Vivienne Westwood on Jonathan Ross
Love of my life! I pretty much bought the new issue of Dazed because of her interview with James Lovelock.
Watch it and learn all you will ever need to know, ever.

EDIT: When I wrote this I tried to find the Miu Miu AW09 ad campaign I'd
seen in print but couldn't until this morning! How perfect is it? Normally I think it's weirdly cheesy and too myspace-y when all of the photo is black and white except for one color but it just looks really awesomely cold here with the nude.