"i am going to have an anger baby. it will not be named pee because it is an anger baby and i am angry."

All this secrecy and stuff is now confirmed-I'm going to London, uh, tonight! For what I'm not supposed to say but I'm so incredibly excited and will take lots of pictures. Our hotel has free Wifi so maybe I will still update, if I don't decide that having easy access to good chocolate means that nothing else matters (read: it does.)
~*RELEVANT PHOTO TIME*~via jak & jil
Sup, Anna Piaggi? This will totally be me over there, man. The old lady with a cane showing lots of British pride part, not the incredibly awesome brain part. WELL HAY AS LONG AS I HAVE LOOKS!
I'm bringing lots of those "paper websites" that we call "Books" on the 8 hour plane. Eden is packing 31 hours so I can't complain. Just rhyme about it. And possibly beat box. Laia is coming, so is Elizabeth. We plan on getting my wife something very special because she can't come, thus making any pillow fights less fun, and most things that involve brains, harder.
Oy, that one wasn't s'POSED to rhyme, but it kinda does. Whutinthewhut.
So yeah, guess that's it? YAyyyy. So psyched. Maybe I'll see some of you over at the other side of the pond! Which is funny, because it's not a pond. It is funny because the squirrel is dead (omg, anyone else see UP?! Sorz, random.)
Kevvviiiiin. Kevvviiiiin.
Alrighty, goodbye children. Going to London + chanting Torah=I am now a man.