i am writing this in school right now, please stop looking at the screen, helen

I lied! This isn't the last post before LA! I'm a liar! Judas! I don't believe you! What happened to Woody Guthrie!
Ok, so I kinda forgot about this science project that involved you guys (oopsydoops, procrastination) and basically this is how it works:
Are you someone who knows way more about fashion than you do about science or, more specifically, astronomy? Do you have a couple minutes to spare? Great! I need you! Try to match up the following planets with the runway collections, thinking about the colors, concepts, Greek gods associated with the planets, etc.

EMAIL me your answers. Do not leave them in comments because then other people will see.
Email Format:
To: tavitoons@yahoo.com
Subject: Planets
Message Body:
Planet name-Label (for each planet. Do none or do them all, plz)
For example, if I was doing Christopher Kane SS09 with the Sun (neither included here) I would do
Sun-Christopher Kane
Get it?

I'm done taking answers in 12 hours. The more the merrier! Send send send!

I'll explain it all later when the final results are in, kinda in a rush/hard to explain now.. just do it, k? Thanks. HELEN STOP PLAYING WITH MY HAIR. Anyway. Yes! Do it! It's fun! Yay fashion!
I make GREAT sales pitches...

COLLECTIONS (in random order):

PLANETS (in order from the sun):
Earth (I think I see my dad!)
(RIP Pluto)

Thanks a MILLION LIGHTYEARS guys! Puns!

EDIT: I've now received enough emails for the project but you're free to guess for fun and wait til the answers are revealed! Thanks again dudez.


ZRescoe said...

Cool idea Tavi! Can't wait to see what this is all about!

betting_im_not said...

that was fun! sent in my email! :)

Anonymous said...

lol forgot about pluto

Daphne said...

You kill me with 1. the fact that you listed the planets and 2. (rip pluto)
So funny, Tavi. I'm emailing you now...

Mallory said...

haha im writing from school right now too and im getting wierd looks from all the people around me

Kat said...

I totally did that. I did it so hard.

You're lucky blogs aren't blocked at your school.

Anonymous said...

I loved this Tavi, anything to keep me from actually working at work... I'm gonna link this on my blog.

Soren Lorensen said...

is this the first fashion-science project mutant that has ever been created...ever?

in myyyy dayyyy... *disgruntled rambling about what we used to do in science*


In-tree-gue said...

oh my god, i wihs i wan't in biology and got to do these kind of things. Whats the cdg for?
i totally forgot how magical that collction is, i might be getting a pair of those hexagon shoes if they have them in a big enough size(i'm not satisfied with last seasons menswear shoes)

The Voguette said...

what a great little trivia idea tavi!!

i LOVEEEe the christopher keane collection! actually i love just about every collection on this page!

good luck on your project!

The Voguette

... said...

the comparison with the planets is amazingly smart!

-unusual shoes of 09

PAIGE & JOE said...

hahah clever tavi... i sent mine in even though its over already

xx joe

xoxoPurpleluv said...

hehehehehehe i was there when u wer writing it!!

xoxoPurpleluv said...

hahah this is my 2nd comment!! I remeber when u wer writing this!! this b HELEN!!!

Eduardo P. said...

you really are... i mean, you... i can't... you're honestly AMEEEEEEIIIIIZZZZZIIIING...
i can't believe it.... you're killing me... why didn't i discover fashion at primary school and did all this projects. I mean, really, Tavi, I honestly are your #1 fan.

Robyn said...

I just finished! My brother was helping, as he actually has an interesting in clothing (unlike a lot of boys his age) ~ So we pondered it for a while before I noticed Pluto was missing. How sad! haha~

Kylie said...

Phew, good thing you have enough as I'd prob make a fool of myself trying to guess... I never learnt about the planets in school! Idk what's wrong with my school system


chalortte said...

Nice idea Tavi ! Your are wonderful !
I love the hussein Chalayan collection ( because I love Hussein Chalayan !)
a bientot !

Wanderlusting said...

OOh love Allesandro, those blues just scream summer!

If you're looking into getting into designing as a career, I did an article on a fellow designer - she's only 25 and started her career when she was 15! It's on my blog and inspiring!!

Anonymous said...

my very excited mother just sat under nine planets.

i wish i knew the answers to your sweet quiz!

oddly enough, i had no idea uranus was so damn blue.

Nina Jaydee said...

i take mars and alexander mcqueen

NaT said...

hello Rookie!
I admired your talent, just amazing!
you are like, some newgeneration-internet-global-teen icon (??) haha, no, really you´re cool girl!!!
just, in Argentina there is a brand, AYRES, that has a girl with the same ribbon, please check it, I think you would like it.

(sorry for my chewbacca english message;D)

hannah penfield said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Fashion Pimple said...


I just started my own blog. I would really appreciate it if you guys checked it out.

Tavi, i think you are the SHIZZ!! :D

Sydnie said...

Those Erdem and A.MQ collections are gorgeous! Good luck on your project!


SAMANTHA said...

Can't wait for the results. ;)

Fashion Bible, aka Sam.

Niki said...

anthropomorphic planets always remind me of the film 'the holy mountain' . . . it's freaky.

I too, am curious to see what this ends up as.

Agnes said...

OMG, what a amazing idea! I found it to late, though.

Flora said...

Nice Idea :)

haylin said...

i think i see my future on neptune too ;P

Alexis said...

What a great idea. Way to turn science into something way fun.