i swear i was desperately trying not to write cheesily but OK I HAVE A SOUL I ADMIT IT OKAY

Comme des Garcons is my favorite of all fashion week, every city. No surprise there. You've all probably almost surely kinda definitely already seen the pictures, this is for the style diary part of my blog. Inspiration, whatnot.This collection is a perfect example of why I love Comme des Garcons. The clothes are amazing, but it's more the thoughts they suggest that make me love the entire thing. I've blah blah blahed on before about breaking fashion rules and trends are stupid and all, but one thing fashion has not done for me in a while is make me feel a certain way. Of course I feel more energetic when wearing bright colors, or a little more mysterious in my cape (great fun), but not in any way like this. The whole collection has a melancholy feel to it. When I saw it, God Help the Outcasts and Desolation Row came to mind, if that makes any sense. I'm pretty much just thinking aloud right now, btdubs (Cathy Horyn (link, anyone?) and Robin Givhan had fantastic reviews though, I demand you read them now).Rei described it as "Wonderland, where nothing is as it seems." I know what Auntie Rei says GOES, but to me the collection feels more honest than anything else. For some reason it's sad and lonely but not depressing, more beautiful, really. And I don't know why.The collection is inspiring to me not only because of the clothes (epic, duh) but because it reminded me of what you can accomplish with design and fashion. You can evoke multiple feelings, not just one. I can name a number of designers that throw up outfits that are really just looks and not much else- different just for the sake of being different, tacky- you know who I'm talking about. I wouldn't describe the Comme collection as "intellectual," really (an overused term, to be honest). Thoughtful, maybe? More emotional than anything else.
Something to think about. I'm excited to get dressed tomorrow. This is what I want to accomplish every morning.
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