ay dee dee, dudez

comme des garcons shirt. claire's pink tutu, worn as shirt. cdg x h&m blazer. vintage bow. mom's old cardigan worn as skirt. h&m tights. slow & steady wins the race shoes.
mom's old blazer. vintage shirt. cheap monday jeans (DIYed by Kirsty Lee). vintage dr martens via ebay. DIYed bands.
So much to write about! Long posts this weekend, guys.


Isabel said...

Yay first comment!!!!! I love the contrast of the two outfits! You can rock both the girly and the badass look. I'm impressed. <3

laia. said...

ooh tavz, so awesome. I love the pink bow through the cdg and the second look is fuckin tough!
those jeans are super rad.. are they diy?

Anonymous said...

All those bows are making me happy! I have been on a bow and pink high for the past few weeks. They're wonderful!

Pretentious b said...

dang, you worked that cdg top quite well! the black blazer is a nice touch.

as for the balmain jeans... yes.

just all around 2 prime outfits.


Anonymous said...

oh wow. the second outfit is amazingg.

the StReeT chanteuse said...

ah its as if your shirt has come to life with the bows! and then....

you went all moody an like pressed a button to fully engage the badassery in you. i like both.

ren said...

Oh, both outfits are great. I reeeeeally love the jeans in the second ! :)

Chloe said...

I love both your outfits, the bow coming out of the heart is pretty awesome!

Meghan and Lana said...

love today's outfit !

In-tree-gue said...

these are amazing outfits. I love what you've done with the cdg shirt. I remember when i went to the cdg store in china, the whole collection was for sale, or most of it, and i couldn't help but think of you.

ashley said...

i'm liking today's get up.

Maddie said...

awesome jeans :)

TheShoeGirl said...

LOVE the grey outfit missy.


Lori said...

i can see the comme des garcons inspiration in the first outfit with the pink tulle. well done ;)

Kylie said...

Can't wait for the weekend now. all I had to look forward to before was tons and tons of homework. yey!
I love the contrast between the 2 days. Yesterday looks like your in love, while today's more dark and cold. Cold in a good way... a very good way.
The layering with the sheer, and the hearts, the bows, and, er, I'm scratching my head in front of the computer screen wondering how you do this wicked layering! It's blowing my mind!


style munch said...

your studded cuffs are the bombbb xx

Untitled said...

oh god fabulous second outfit!

lovelovelove it

L'armadio del delitto said...

Hi Tavi, well, don't critize my english, pleaaase! I love all your outfit because you're creative and strange and because you love Bob Dylan (today I did a post about bob and about dylanradio).
I read your second blog too, which is very very amazing!
Ciao bella!

WendyB said...

I'm loving your pink, breezy day.

Vanessa said...

Today's is my favorite, and that picture at the end is sick.

++MIRA++ said...

did u make those jeans ureself? awesomeness.

alex said...

I love the first picture,
your expression is priceless.

Anonymous said...


Mom Fashion World said...

nice big bow in your shirt! i saw from this blogger a lovely flintstones bow print. check it out. it's very lovely!


Annie said...

omigosh, absolutely in love with the second outfit. honestly, grey is my favorite color and i always worry that it looks boring when i wear too much, but this is the opposite of boring. your jacket, jeans, and cuffs are AMAZING.

Claudia said...

the tutu under the comme des garcons shirt looks amazing jeezums you can make anything look cool!

Anonymous said...

So.. I came across this website and I think you are going to love it.
It shows you how to make some sick things! Definately check it out<3

chalortte said...

Tavi you are wonderful , how do you do ; you have a real talent
Bravo ( I am so jalous )

, said...

I love those jeans. Great looks! :)

Anonymous said...

really love the jeans ~ and i lovee how you used the skirt !
love victoria,

Lauren said...

those jeans are amazing, actually the whole second outfit is wonderful!

stealthnerd said...

The grey outfit is fabulous!!

Wanderlusting said...

Awesome bands - DYI? You should open a store cuz I would be your first customer :)

x0x0 Lusty


george said...

second outfit is a dream!!!

Nadine said...

Love the second outfit - amazing jeans.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow! I love the second outfit the best! Those DIY jeans left me speechless, really. xxoxoxoxoxo

Emily said...

you are such a little rebel
continue to buck the system girl!
haha loves you

olga d said...


Becky said...

is it true that you are going to be on a reality TV show? My source tends to get her information mixed up so this could be totally untrue. Either way, I would totally watch Tavi TV

Tavi said...

Thanks guys!
Becky- Whatinthewhat? Haha no!

Lauren said...

i am digging the 2nd outfit :)

HumanAdult said...

This is my take on it.

There's a word for it. This thing that Rey played with. Yes, it's called Trompe-l'oeil. Where things are usually drawn to trick the eye to think that it's there. Usually, done to appear realistic but hers was done in a more fun ways. The drawn toes on the shoes. The another dress drawn on another dress. Coathangers on the coat. As you can see. Tonnes of humor there. And to add to that, she kinda ran to her designs straight into a Hall Of Mirror or to the end of a Kaleidoscope. Things get bent out of shape, patterns get distorted - normal features appear in an unlikely places. Thus I understand why its called Wonderland - It's Rei having a Tea Party with the Cheshire cat through the looking glass.

It's one upbeat collection I feel. I wish we knew what was on the runway soundtrack. It will be totally trippy if she played all songs backwards..

HumanAdult said...

sorry tavi. wrong page. that comment was for the CDG collection

Ayesha Cording said...

you look amazing!
Those jeans are so epic!
I need some!
So I can be epic too!

Piia & Aya said...

awesome jeans!
any idea how they were DIYed? (or DIdyed, sorry lame!)


Ayesha Cording said...

you look amazing!
Those jeans are so epic!
I need some!
So I can be epic too!

Sydney Marie said...

Wow, Tavi, you really never fail to impress me...
You're absolutely genious.
Always love your blog!

lily m said...

that shirt + that tutu= awesome x4000000

Kim said...

Love the jeans!

Non Faux said...

ooooooh giiirl!
i'm totally digging the all-gray outfit.

s said...

love the first outfit....sweaters as skirts, awesome! just read your interview over at Interview mag....are you from chicago?---because I am...and yes, chicago has no fashion, but people like you give me a little hope!!


Anonymous said...

i love that second outfit!

oh, and i'm bidding on ebay for these vintage doc martens, and then i saw your pair up close a few pages back, and i think they're the same. o_o

-- willow

p.s. i sent you an e-mail a few days ago. if you're wondering who the heck i am.

Laura. said...

i like the second outfit best :)


Ana said...

Yes, art would be everywhere at my school. I think it would be perfect to teach everything from an artistic point of view. Even math! And as for the classes under 10 people yes yes! All my life I've had at minimum 6 people in my class and at maximum around 15. It makes everything feel so much more close knit.

ANYWAY ramble done. The first outfit is super amazing. That CDG shirt suits you very nicely.

Tesaar said...

Really like the second outfit!

Anonymous said...

i guess because we rarely see you in jeans, dare i say you look...sexy? UH OH! = ]

YUKO said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
YUKO said...

and i meant that you reminded us of our friend Nina.

Katy said...

Love love love love love love. Love.

Unknown said...

You're adorable.
I'm loving your blog.

xx, Morena

Artsy Geek said...

That shirt is so one of a kind, its beautiful

Goodmorning-Vintage said...

GOD these jeans are AWESOME.

Danielle said...

I love those jeans sooo much. I've been wanting a pair ever since I saw them in teen vogue. They're so expensive though, at least for my budget. I'm so glad there's finally a DIY version. I'm really excited to try it out. And the first look is so fun and girly. Cute!

YUKO said...

sorry about that! i should have been more wise about posting something like that.

moiojkl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vɑle (: said...

This one is killer Tavi

HETTIE said...


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