a great cow once said, "Moo."

My tee arriving in the mail was definitely not a bad way to cheer me up and help break the mental part of a 103 degree fever.Hey look, my face matches my shirt HOW IRONIC lulz!!11!!!!
Purple black purple black...no green, which in the spirit of St. Patty's day definitely prompted a number of pinching. I may not be wearing green but I AM very short which shows my leprechaun spirit?

skirts, mom's old shirts. idk socks. doc martens. vintage sunglasses. diyed bracelets.


Anonymous said...

that flower pot on it's side counts as green. and there's probably green on your shoes.


happy saint patty's! i hope you start feeling awesomely awesome soon. :)

In-tree-gue said...

i'm pretty sure your shoes have green, i don't really understand how to wear that color, or orange. Is that large spikey thing on your wrist from those ornament thingies?

Anonymous said...

haaah. love the matching faces ;-) those t shirts look more and more appealing every time i come by here....


David Casavant said...

I luv the specs!!!!! You look so cool in your shirt!


Julia said...

love this outfit.
how did you make that wonderfully huge and spiky bracelet? :D

Florent said...

Love the bracelet and the shirt of course! It's perfect it matches! So funny!

Florent - http://lhabitfaitledandy.com

Hazel said...

ground control to major tavi
space gurl

Anonymous said...

Hi. :D Nice outfit. Green is the color of greed, so I opted out of st. patty's day. If someone pinched me I elbowed them in unpleasant places. PLEASE come on aim tavi. I haven't talked to you in quite some time and your jew radio is malfunctioning. Maybe because you're a halfie.

corrie said...

It turned out great, definitely going to order one soon. The shades and the bracelet are nuts, you rule.

Hope your fever breaks soon enough!

Ashley said...

"Hey look, my face matches my shirt HOW IRONIC lulz!!11!!!!"

haha that's really funny.
hope you get over your fever soon!
gahh,i gotta get one of those shirts.
or two.
or five.
happy st.patties day!

ren said...

The shirt came out pretty cool. :)

ashley said...

don't die on us tavi!
bad ass tee and a look that could kill.

Katy said...

I love it. :-). The fact that you produce your own T-shirts is SO COOL!!!

Claudia said...

I love your shirt i might have to get one

lily m said...

Awe get better!
That big pointy bracelett is super fly

SAMANTHA said...

your shirt looks great! (:

bobb said...

Wow Tavi hope you are feeling better.

it's just fashion la ! said...

i m 21 and i would die to be 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh !!!!

laia. said...

i would not mess with you in that..


Lori said...

those bracelets are amazing

Kylie said...

Dude, you look pretty dang good considering your sick! Speaking of sick... The SHIRT! I hope you bragged tonsss at school. "Oh yeah this t-shirt, my own design. It's nothing really"
And you got some 'splainin to do about that braclet. It is HARDCORE AWESOME.
Btw, I totally have those sunnies in white. Although you look about x1000 times cooler in them. Dang!

style-magnet said...

I totally didn't wear green today, either. And I just saw your Interview interview. I dig.

Tara said...

That shirt looks great! I want one!

chalortte said...

wah ,U look so great !
bises from france ( but not paris !!)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHS omgg that t-shirt lookss sooo cutee! i love the black effect. (:

love victoria

Anonymous said...

cool docs i borrowed some from my mom a couple days ago. (I'm in the sixth grade) Everyone kept asking why i was wearing dress shoes. I hate explaining and it took forever.

by the way nice g-glasses.... u remind me of that girl from the professional.

alex said...

okay that spiky bracelet is too fab for words. love the outfit


Nixo said...

nice shirt


wow your shirt is amazing!
pretty pretty

WendyB said...

I wouldn't be bothered to be dressed at all if I were feeling that poorly!

Joyce Kwok said...

wore your shirt on my lastest post too! :>

kerrin said...

the tee is fantastic!

Isabel said...

Baha, leprechaun spirit! No worries, I didn't wear green yesterday either.

Oh soo vain said...

your tee is THEE cutest. nice work my dear!

Elisa said...


The necklace to the left (your right) is fantasticcccccccccc.

Kirstin said...

The top is just so amazing and it's awesome to be able to say you designed it :D

AFitz said...

if you squint, the shirt looks like charlie chaplin (bowler hat and moustache)

Amanda said...

love your outfit today tavi! seeing that shirt worn and styled by you will prob. up your sales by a million. it is definitely convincing me!

Unknown said...

just got the shirt...
I think that everyone who got one should email you a pic of them wearing it...
we will all be a lovely little style rookie community...



Leah said...

sickness, the bracelet KICKS and your face matching your shirt is obvz the new black.

Cassiopeia said...

the t-shirt is amazing. had to say it :-D it's been worn in my blog post today... tempted by the new colourways ;-)



Izumihiiiflower said...

i love your t-shirt!
it is an good idea!

i love the bob haircut!

Jinnyd said...

Hmm...a little late to comment, but don't the Docs have a little green on them?

And I also hate getting pinched on St. Patty's! I thought the wearing green thing was only limited to Irish folk. I was obviously wrong (and not Irish!).

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