come on now

Tomorrow (or, um, later today..) I will get off my butt and march down to Borders and buy some good, hefty, foreign fashion magazines.

vogue UK


chalortte said...

Hey tavi first comment !
Love these image (beautiful )
love your blog

Frumps and Jo said...

Thos photos are FIERCE! Haha I can't afford foreign magazines so i usually find myself a cozy corner to read them at borders.

Vɑle (: said...

ohmyy those are beautiful

josie said...

you said "vogue uk" and i was like, WHAT THATS NOT FOREIGN,
but it is,
for you,
hahah :)
x x x

claire said...

omg those were amazing
love your blog
love your creativity
love your pictures
love your clothes

btw im claire ellen

fred said...

Love Ur CDG!
and DVN for this summer.

Lorraine said...


Kirstin said...

Hi Tavi, I've been reading your blog since last April but I am very lazy and have never once left a comment! I actually feel bad now! Just to say, I love your blog, your clothes and your personality and also I must say that you seem very intelligent and well spoken.
You are so right, these shots are amazing, especially the first. I must go out and buy Vogue now.
Bye xxxxxx

Lara said...

mmmmmmm, i have the latest Vogue, its great! i'm never disapointed by vogue uk, you should definetly get it.

ren said...

Gah ! Amaaaazing; I love love love this ed. Kinda makes me think of going out and getting some foreign fashion magazines myself. ;)

Katy said...

Omydearieme, those white Guissepe wedges are KILLING ME over here.

Chloe said...

These are amazing, I love the black and white!

Giselle said...

yes! Gareth Pugh! I'm a little obsessed and freak out whenever I see his stuff :-P

-Giselle <3<3<3

In-tree-gue said...

Gareth pugh , mcqueen(I think)and margiela? This is exciting

riva said...

AmaZing! How do you manage to find time to do all this? And how did you learn to sew? I really want to do all sorts of deconstruction/reconstruction and don't know where to start... my sewing Home Ec teacher ruined me for life I think!

bobb said...

Wow - these are pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tavi ! I love you blog !
The pictures are amazing ! Check out my blog please !

katy b. said...

tavi, you're my hero! do you have any tips for beginning amateur fashion bloggers?

Sticklebrick said...

Yes! I saw these a while ago and thought they were amazing, especially the top two.

A Rage In Jersey said...

Your blogs are epic. :)

sd said...
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sd said...

i'm doing that later today!!

Julia said...

I bought that vogue too. I fell in love with those pictures at once! They're so awesome.

The Voguette said...

god look at those legs. *droool* i wish i had them.

im also loving the first outfit. if only i could pull it off... *sighs*

keira antoia rose said...

I like all the black and white. The models did a superb job in this shoot.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Mariposa Latina said...


Anonymous said...


I've had a hard time getting this message to post...hopefully this works. This is Zack.


I just distracted myself for about 30 minutes perusing your blog (and your blog 2...), both of which are thoroughly entertaining--

two things:

actually three things:

1. I'm not sure how often you check these comments or if you'll see this before our next rehearsal, buuuut-

2. You have to be the only 12-year old in the world who appreciates Allen Ginsberg, and I'm so glad you do, because beat poetry/literature (On The Road!) is major cool beans, for lack of a better term

3. I guess someone made a really lo-fi recording of our set the other day, which can be downloaded heeere:

(the levels are nowhere near perfect, but you can get an idea of how we sound. It includes our encore- a rendition of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'...haha)

Pretentious b said...

groovy photozzz
vogue uk is great but vogue italia trumps all! (their photos do anyway, wouldn't know about their articles)


Anonymous said...

i think i've come to terms with the fact that i'll never be a fashion model because no matter how hard i try, i just don't look like a spider monkey trapped in a glass cube

giggleness said...

love those photos!

Georgie said said...

There are so many magazines out there that I long for... all priced over £5 + each. I am currently wanting one that is £15... boo.

olga d said...

i'll finish your sentence

... because american ones suck giant panzies.

Jordan said...

this is one of those shoots where the model really does make or break the whole thing. clearly, it has been made.

Unknown said...

i was thinking the same thing.

but i chopped my hair off about a month ago. HAH, beat you :)

Kaylee said...

Wow love it!

trasho said...

I'm sure all the Aussies will agree that RUSSH magazine is "da shizz". SERIOUSLY.

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