Haven't really gone kookoo for cocoa puffs over any of the Fashion Week collections, kinda waiting and putting my faith in those I know will not let me down (can you hear me, Rei?) Oh, but I DID go KERAZY when I saw THIS:IT'S LAUREL, YOU GUYS!
Oh, and some clothes.
I am infinitely proud. I give it a few months before she's on the cover of Vogue. We love you!!
(The dress is sweet too, but OMAGAH LAUREL. I mean, Belle and I didn't call each other to fangirl about the clothes, yknow.)

vena cava photo via style.com. she walked for jeremy laing too. and rachel roy. AND did the entire chris benz lookbook. GUYS!!! and probz tons more we haven't seen yet. this is like an 8 year old seeing the jonas brothers live for me. omgomgomg.


Emily. said...

An 8 year old seeing the Jonas brothers, lol!
That dress is freaking awesome, I'm slightly envious. She's gorgeous!

Kylie said...

Yey, so proud of her, she seems so hardworking and determined.
All the best to her!


Anonymous said...

Hi tavi ,love the dresse !

Anonymous said...

Aww. Yay Laurel! I was wondering if we were going to see her in some runway shows. =D Vogue takeover definitely though!

aindrea said...

the dress is gorgeous!
and so is laurel!
havent been paying too much attention to NYFW.
because i'm preparing for LFW, as i'm covering some of the show.
will check them out later i suppose

bobb said...

It's great to see Laurel doing well. I E-mailed her once about a film clip she posted on her blog, and got a very nice reply in response.

Alice X said...

she did rachel roy too!


Terry said...

WOW! I've been seeing her face everywhere but damn it's still so weird to see a blogger turn right into a model! Tight.


Lara said...

tavi--i'm pretty sure she modeled for the whole Chris Benz collection, too(he didnt have a runway show this year). there is no name on the pictures at style.com(i've been flicking through the latest ones), but it definetly looks like laurel!

E. said...

Okay, YES! I KNEW that was her in the Chris Benz lookbook, but I kept thinking it wasn't, and that it was someone who just looked similar, and then wigging myself out.

Thank you for clarification.