we let kittens lick our hair

Behold, the Salvation Army finds. Almost everything was half off for their new year's sale, and I took full advantage (duh). The pictures are crap but I'll wear them soon anyway, just CALM DOWN GAWD TAKE A BREATHER.My mom found this 15 cent black lace top which will be great for layering. The vest was $5 and anything leathuhhhh is a-okay by me (minus a questionable pair of flared red leather pants with flames going up the sides I saw at the store too. Those really aren't necessary. At all. In fact, I might buy them just to burn them. Ooh look at me, beating the flamed pants at their own game!)
That was way too long to be a set of parenthesis, and for that I apologize. Let's carry on, shall we?This is the Rei collage, because the polka dotted skirt reminds me of Tao (especially once it's pinned/cinched/draped) and I plan on doing an insane Comme des Garcons DIY with the pink top and skirt. CDG and DIY don't really go together but I'll do my best (my best=try for 5 minutes then ask my mom to do it).
Oh, and the Tao skirt still had its tags on-H&M, $20. How much did I get it for? A buck, and brand new, too. B jealz.This granny blazer has the coolest buttons and sillhouette and collar lining. One of those buys that you know is too big but you just can't let it sit on the racks. Or worse, go into the hands of someone else, making them happy. No one is allowed to be happy except me and Belle, who I really bought these for. Hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk. Before I send them I shall first try to pull off wearing shoulder pads 215743 sizes too big, kthanks. Same goes for the purple one. You wouldn't believe how rich the color is, the picture really doesn't do it justice.

And just to remind ya'll...We'll be answering other questions too, so if you're curious about anything just comment and we'll get to it!