gee, i wonder why someone wouldn't find pickle juice, chips, lemonade, saliva, and coke mixed into a huge bowl appetizing

Hope everyone's new year's eve was fun. We played Apple to Apples and lit fireworks and played both air guitar AND Rock Band guitar (though I fail at all videogames, other than Pong and virtual Pictionary with Belle and Ben) and watched Eagle Eye. Normally not my type of film but I was most amused by Michelle Monaghan's eerie resemblance to Michael Jackson.
As you can tell from these pictures, I am very tired.This was what I wore today. My family and I went to a brunch that had excellent bagels and then my mom and I went to the Salvation Army. Why is it that every time I end up going to the SA I happen to be wearing pink and blue and my camp counselor sandals-esque guitar strap as a belt? Huh.The belt is a guitar strap my mom gave me, the necklace is from my aunt, and the tights I found in the bottom of my closet (it is not a totally bottomless pit).The dress is an overall jumper thang I found in our childhood dress up box, but I tucked in the top part to make it a skirt. The shirt is my mom's, though apparently I was wearing it backwards (like I said, VERY TIRED) and my dad decided to tease me about it by putting hankerchiefs in the front pocket without me noticing. Fathers.
Threw this one together while I was half-awake, oopsydoops.I'll post the thriftage tomorrow, later gator.

P.S. Muy importante, this explains itself...