a...bagel store?

One of the best parts about DC was that who should be there at the same time other than, oh, you know, WHITE LIGHTNING. Elizabeth and I met up back in the summer and since lightning never strikes the same place twice we met up again in Georgetown and I am pretty much convinced we are the most dynamic duo ever.The only vintage shop open was this place Annie Creamcheese, which some of you recommended but we didn't even know that was the name of it til we actually paid attention to the posters hanging everywhere written in a font I'm pretty sure my 9 year old birthday party invitations were written in. Pretty good selection but the prices were INSANE, yo. I say this not as just a 12 year old with the money of a 12 year old but as an American citizen with a...budget? conscience? the want to buy pizza after school comfortably? I dunno.We are at the end of a psychedelic belt tunnel.We were grateful however to the in-awe-guration sale, because it meant I could get these crazy futuristic sunglasses and Elizabeth could get a Roman war hero pin (since she fought
back then, dontchaknow) and her friend Melissa could get an adorbz top.We talked about Bat Mitzvah dress options and how she is trying to make Melissa a go-go girl and fashionz and how Chuck Bass always improves school essays and about how I am going to move in with her in NY (somehow, okay?)That blue sweater which is totally Chicago Children's Museum is the REAL 80s Betsey Johnson shiz, not all that recent revival stuff.
Also-I look like Spock.We will meet again soon, WL. Miss you already! xoxo


grossomodo said...

Tavi I found you by chance and I´m in shock! you are incredible, I love your work (somebody should be pay you for all your creativity)
Well I´m old and bore, but I send you my best wishes. You inspired me.

I want to tell you more things but my english is too bad.


bahaaha too incredible
looks like an epic vintage-newgov't trip — pics rock
but those glasses are badass


laia. said...

umm duddesss come to ny soon! this is so not fair.

also, i hope you both got those totally BANANAS glasses.

White Lightning said...

a different city, every time.
i love our rendezvous!!!!


Ann Drogyny said...


I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.

I would elaborate, or be more eloquent, but I feel the need to keep it simple.

So, I simply enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Haha your glasse are so funny I love them . I would like to be with you in this little vintage shop because it sims to be great ( and fun)
Otherwilse come on my blog im a 12 years old girl too ( but i m french )

ren said...

Wicked sunglasses.
And you guys meeting up and shizz is cool.

Zinnia Cress said...

oh... i read you, butthen you disappeared-- good to see new postings from your dc shinadigans...


josie said...

it is quite wierd, its as if vintage shops run on their own timetables (?) and the managers just go, "hm, i don't like thursdays," and just don't turn up then.

i must say, the whole spock thing is quite outlandish (look at me, broadening my vocab much?) but i do quite fancy your outfit, mwahahhaaaaaaaaaaa.

be sure to check out my blog,
of course.

in a bit.

TheShoeGirl said...

next time please make your eyebrows pointy... mmmmkay?

Emily said...

i wish i could have been in dc! so jealous =D
spock is adorable and i think i might die because Zachary Quinto is going to play him in the new Trek movie. so excited!!!

Kitty said...

Wow! DC looks heaps fun :]

I love both of your kickass glasses!

Your Blog is awesomeness.

Katy said...

Oh man, I wish I could pull off sunglasses like that. You don't know bagel stores until you've been to H&H (overpriced but soooooooooooooooo amazing.)

Isabel said...

Oh man! My friend for high school would ALWAYS tell me I looked like Leonard Nimoy... I still don't know what he's talking about...

Aysha's Rabbit Hole said...

go go go 80's! lets bring them back!
you rock those sunglasses!

Anonymous said...

Always a fun time reading your blog! And, like merche grosso, I are no twelve year old girl, nono.

Anonymous said...

hey tavvs

wowzas, im so jelous! <3
those glasses are WICKED COOL.


Ash Rose said...

I've been to Annie Creamcheese before. Really cool place. I got some pink cateye glasses there.