walking in a winter wonderland

So this morning I woke up and practically screamed because when I looked outside I saw THIS:Yippeeyayay!
It snowed a couple weeks ago but it didn't stick and was more rainy. This is the real thing, baybay. Every time I wistfully looked out the window during school wishing some type of tragic event would come up among the teachers, forcing them to let us play outside all day, it was snowing. Makes my day.I of course went outside as soon as I came home so I could take pictures. It's starting to get darker much earlier, but I think I just about made it-the picture above isn't edited at all! I think I'm going to need some Margiela spaceman shades to withstand all this painful, blinding whiteness, though. My left leg just about disappears!
This outfit is pretty similar to one I wore a week or so ago, but I am amused by how surprisingly versatile the two-tone tights/houndstooth skirt combination is with other items. I think I would have worn my plain black tights with this had they been clean, but I am officially convinced my Cruella de Ville tights go with anything. They're becoming more the kind of thing I throw on to pull together an outfit, not so much something I build an outfit around.
And on a totally different subject-how epic is Belle's lucky pack idea? If I had me some moneys I would snatch one up right about....nao. Basically the woman has 25403259825 blazers that she has to get rid of and is making individual Lucky Vintage Packs that each contain a bunch of other vintage clothes and photos (she's taking requests too!) and selling them for only 35 bucks. Sounds like a bargain, yeah? Take a looksee for yourself.A purple pair of old Giorgio Armani leggings found in the old fabric box happened to have a huge hole in the crotch (yeah, I don't wanna know either) but the material and color are both so nice I had to make use of them. This morning I wore it as a top over a dress I thrifted some time ago and pulled the top of the dress up so I had a Kermit the Frog collar. It's easy being crafty! Hey now! Muppet punz in the bloghouse!talbots kids peacoat (hand-me-down). secondhand giorgio armani leggings (worn as top). thrifted skirt and dress (worn as collar). american apparel tights. floral doc martens.