walk down any street you can find

I cannot wait for Thanksgiving. And I ESPECIALLY can't wait until it's over. I love T-Givingz, don't get me wrong, but once it's over I can watch Buddytheelfwhat'syourfavoritecolor and sing Jingle Bells as much as I want and not feel guilty about it.

I'll also be able to make a wishlist, though I kind of already started. All I really want at the moment is foreign magazines and more origami supplies and more Kiyohiko Azuma and the D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths. As for clothes, I put "tartan/studs/leather/plaid/ripped/Courtney Love-ish stuff" and "Lolita dresses" but chances are slim my parents would be buying me that.

This morning I wore a top my mom's friend gave me upside-down and as a skirt. I tied it at the waist with some random black tights I found within the depths of my closet and threw on my shiny black American Apparel leggings (and APPARENTLY someone hacked into my blog and promised a post on these. It's coming, just bear with me!)

Due to the non-epicness, non-Belleness of my necklace collection, I couldn't find anything good and morbid and shiny enough to drape my neck in. There were coat hangers lying around everywhere since my closet is such a mess, so I figured I'd be "resourceful" and give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised to see that people at school were grabbing at my shiny legs, rather than trying to strangle me with my coat hanger. It got kind of uncomfortable though so I took it off before lunch.
Another pleasant surprise was to see that I won last week's Cardigan Look contest at Weardrobe! They have a new one every week for a $50 gift card, mine was to Urban Outfitters and I can't wait until it comes.

Awlsoe-only 1 day left for the Comme des Garcons/H&M top on eBay. CUD TEH BEST BIDDR WIN!


Kristen said...

Yep I'm also stoked for christmas movies!!

Terry said...

I agree with Thanksgiving! Mmm the food...

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Last picture is bomb.

and I like the flip it over-ness that you have there.


The Stylish Wanderer said...

dude, totally not an attack. if its anything its like a love note. I totally wish I made putting outfits on as art, but Im just not comfortable wearing something like that.

PROPS for being so fearless, Tavi.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

haha, and mostly I just wanted a post that had something to do with my sweaters, cause I think they are singularly the most awesome pieces of clothing Ive ever worn ever. and I like the title "The Sweater Effect"

Katy said...

You do monochromatic so well! Would you like to trade links? Did I already ask you that?

Lara Miller said...

YAY! Glad to see you're flipping upside down! Lara

Anna Shapiro said...

Gorgeous as usual.
I actually like how the leggins are a bit big, they look more like leather pants :)

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I guess we just dont agree with things. Or just you take things really personally.

If you say fashion is "art" to you, then I think youve proclaimed yourself to be an artist. As well as Belle. you both said it on my post about a month ago on what blogging was about. There is no need to call me stupid.

RuthlessChic said...

i love dat u r so creative with ur outfits....u look like a million bucks with out the spending money part..lol

White Lightning said...

coat hanger ! i heart you wholeheartedly.

Gerry said...

Lovely way to wear the shirt. Wouldn't it be interesting to do a post on the different ways to wear a single piece of clothing? Hm... Thoughts.

We Asians don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

Tavi said...

Thanks guys!

Stylish Wanderer-I didn't call you stupid, and if I in any way implied that, I'm very sorry. When I said I didn't understand the point you were getting across, I was responding to the part in your post where you asked for opinions on the post. As for the artist part, I can't really add anything to that argument because I've already explained my view and I see no point in having another comment back-and-forth. No, I suppose we don't agree on some things, but everyone has different ideas. I don't share your opinions but I respect them.

Anonymous said...

hey. I just wanna say that your an inspiration to me, even though your a year younger xD

heres my pretty lame blog, if you wanna have a look

tata xx

Amelia said...

I love the top as skirt. That hanger is awesome.

jonathan said...

i'm blown away by this! Your going to be a star.

Lopi said...

The top as a skirt is amazing!
As for the lack of big shiny necklaces, have you seen what Queen Michelle from the Kingdom of Style has discovered? Big shiny Christmas decorations make wonderful bling bling for the neck. And I'm sure that if you tried a metal hanger, you won't have a problem trying out that.
Keep up the good work! Jingle bells, jingle bells...

sc2d said...

That greek myth book rules. My mom finally bought it for me as a present when I went to college. It's soo good.

Lea Anne said...

the creativeness of this outfit is amazing. i love the top worn as skirt and coat hanger necklace! you look FAB!

ETL said...

I love Elf-- best X-mas movie ever.
Love the shiny leggings and coat hanger!!

Anonymous said...

first off, i love your blog. your like a breath of fresh air.

but i've been wondering.
your 12 so your in what like 7th grade, at middle school i assume. what do people think of your outfits at school, i could imagine your somewhat of an speticle..do people ever comment or give you looks..are you known as the girl who dresses well?

Boré said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Isabel said...

Haha, everyone always tries to cop a feel when I'm wearing those shiny leggings too! And I am totally impressed by your ability to turn a coat hanger into an awesome necklace. You to me is what Kate Lanphear is to some other people. OMGFASHIONICONksdfnsl.

style-magnet said...

I love the way you manipulate clothes to really make them your own. WERK IT.

Therese Hockel said...

D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths is quite fabulous. I hope you get it, because I've enjoyed it since I was six, and the pictures in it are so inspirational - I'm sure you could get some outfit ideas from it, too.

Sally Jane Vintage said...

I can watch Elf, any day, any time, summer, winter spring. I am not ashamed. :)

Elle said...

Did you know you're fantastic? (:

Kellen said...

channeling little edie with the top worn as a skirt?

Tavi said...

Thanks guys!
Kellen-No, not intentional but thank you!

ayellis said...

no need to not celebrate christmas yet...I've been proudly blasting the fray's cover of happy xmas, war is over for the past month.

not all the people in the dorm appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get the Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll. As you say, it will open the door to an endless world of great music.

sg said...

you are so radical.

Anonymous said...

This is seriously my fav outfit ever.

Squishybubble said...

Sooo cute! I adore the monochomaticness of it all. xDD

HolyshitiLoveyou said...

Your style is so brilliant! I don't know where you live but it looks suburban and I've seen more creativity in you than on the streets of NYC every day. Keep on being awesome and I'll try and keep up!

Anonymous said...

Well done for winning the contest you totally deserve it (^_^) and loving the resourceful idea with the hanger.

geri hirsch said...

love the upside down top as a skirt.

also,we use to be blog friends and blog rolled one another, whaaaaaa happen?

Anonymous said...

Okay - RUSSH (Australian magazine - possibly the most amazing thing) & Indian Vogue (thankfully, not in Indian - for colour, shine & everything stereotypical about Bollywood)

My top picks for any foreign magazine Conisouir


Kile Rain said...

you are too good!

Kensleigh said...

Awesome blog!! mine is sooo not that elabotate!!

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