a brief period of demanding veruca salt-ness

This is what I think I'll be hinting to my parents for the holidays. While it would be lovely to have a long, fun, fashion-y list of Alexander McQueen and Nozomi Ishiguro, I am still recovering from a Gareth Pugh overdose I had at style.com last night. Let's stray from the chimerical, shall we? BEING REALISTIC AND RATIONAL IS FUN!

How epic are these prints? The purple tartan from THAT British Vogue Spring editorial, harlequin for carnival fun (I was convinced I didn't need them but Ana's Halloween costume has been haunting my dreams) crazy optical illusions for a black/white outfit, plaid to pair with my studded vest, and lace for eerie-beautiful outfits. I don't know how I would wear the playing cards or marble tie dye but I would love to experiment.

I don't shop at these stores too much since I'm a lazy cheap ass that thinks she'll always be able to thrift something and won't get off her butt to go to the city (we have no stores in Suburbia).
UO is a little out of our price range, so the biker jacket/Siouxsie tee/bracelets are just examples of the kind of Jen/Yoncto things I want. If my parents decide to feed my lust for punk apparel (read: not likely) they would probably try to thrift em. Tons of Forever 21 gold chains for Givenchy-mocking, and lovely little veil cocktail hats that would look sweet with the lace tights. Yokoo is a knitwear god and I especially love the brown chain. It would probably be too big on me but that would make it look even cooler.

I obviously have a very WIDE vocabulary.
This isn't fashion related but I crave Polaroid and Lomo and Y SO SRS. My dad reminds me of Larry David but I think telling him that would slim down the chances of me happily receiving Curb on the 25th.
Blogger points if you get them right.

1. Which of the above television series had an episode in which one of the characters got pissed at his boss for eating his T-Givingz sandwich?
2. Which show had an episode with a "pig man"?
3. Which show had an episode in which the main character refused to give candy to teenage girls trick-or-treating without a costume, and deemed the bald a discriminated group?
BONUS: David Schwimmer guest starred on Curb for one episode, in which he and Larry perform in a Broadway musical together. What musical is it?

If any of you have good fashion or photography book recommendations, let me know. I don't have much knowledge on that front. With most books that I want just for a one-time read, I get them from the library or borrow from a friend. But, there are those books that hold such sentimental value and knowledge that you have to own them forever.
We read the D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths last year in LA and I rather enjoyed it, would love to read it late at night when I can't fall asleep. I just started getting interested in Manga (Yotsuba is good and I want more Kiyohiko) and origami so those are up there to let my interests e x p a n d. The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll would be like my doorway to the world. Like Yoda in book form. Anything written/sung by/breathed upon by Jeff Tweedy is a-ok in my book (PUNZ!) and poems by him sound delightful. There are few foreign fashion magazines at our local Borders, but if I could get an issue of Lula I would be quite the happy blogger.

Jinglebells, batman doesn't smell, I want him on DVD
Polaroid camera and carnival tights will soon belong to meeee

quiz answers: 1, Friends. 2, Seinfled. 3, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Bonus, The Producers.