October 9, 2008

The wundaful Danielle over at Solestruck emailed me and was very kind to send me a free pair of Jeffrey Campbell oxfords! They're totez gorgz, and very very comfortable. And isn't that the point of shoes? The gorg part, not the comfy part. Hey now! Superficiality! I love them so much, can't wait til I can wear them out. I think I'll add em to my collection of inanimate objects I mother and nurture. Feel LUCKY shoes, that you are on my good side. Bear in mind I also have a collection of inanimate objects I hate and yell at for not performing miracles (computer, remote, microwave, stupid furby that won't shut up EVEN WHEN YOU TAKE OUT THE BATTERIES...to name a few).

Decided to play a little dress up. Mixed prints...I found this skirt lounging around in my house and it's HUGE. One night I think I'll set it up as a tent using sticks and pencils and sleep there for the night. And simplicity...Here don't I look like that really unattractive kid who is so weird and out of it it makes them lovable? No? Okay, maybe without the lovable?Also, I think I need a new haircut. Either that or a way to style it so it stops looking like I am about to dreenk yoar meelkshaake (edit: so yeah, I got that wrong. But come on, 2008 Oscars were boring as hell and all the movies were basically the same. French singer, dying people, prego hipster? Identical. ONE CAN REMEMBER ONLY SO MANY MOVIE QUOTES):
P.S. Yahoo must hate me because it's been marking totally non-spammy emails as spam. I'm not ignoring you! I'll try to clean out my folder tonight and get back to you all. Sorry! Time to go separate the kind friendly people from the people who are cheating me out of my money to help them and their billion dollar estate that their great grandfather, Kdswa9few Pf@sdffsednvb, left for them. EAT MY DUST, SPAM WORLD.


Ana said...

Eep they are amazing. The mixed prints outfit is too.
I need to cool/amazing-ify myself and start earning free shoes.

Ana said...

By the way " Kdswa9few" is a regularl in my inbox as well.

reindeerpizza said...

LOVE the oxfords!
i really like the mixing patterns especially the skirt. thats right up my alley (totally obsessed with skirts...)

bewkworm said...

you mixed up daniel day lewis from "there will be blood" with jaiver bardem from "no country for old men." so i guess you should style your hair in a way that doesn't like you're about to kill someone with a bolt gun.

Tavi said...

Jew, thanks for the correction. You will be written in the book of life for this.

Taghrid said...

youre so amazing, kiddo :) i linked you :D

Jillian said...

those shoes are fantastic!
and i too, have a collection of inanimate objects that i like to yell at
especially my alarm clock.

Arabelle said...

LOL at your school warning. this chick in school had a nice skirt and she said "OH MY GOD THE PIRATE COMPLIMENTED ME MY DAY IS COMPLETE" and she meant it in complete seriousness and i was like...


i also left my cell phone at jews house and it makes me sad that we didn't have a text marathon today. very sad.

Jamie said...

you always make me laugh. love your blog mucho mucho.

clairegrenade said...

aha!!! the simplicity of the white shirt (my favorite clothing item) never dies!!!

rad shoes, m'dear, I do agree they are fabuloso

haha "dreenk yoar meelkshaake" reminds me of this one character from the old "All That" episodes...or maybe i'm just insane

froglove217 said...

TAVI. YOUR HAIR. You do need a new haircut. just cut the sidesweep shit off. also the oxfords rule. AIM

hazel said...

mmm jeffrey campbell.
lucky ucky duck.

fasting wuz pretty hard today.
i'm a jew too.

MW said...

ahh nice shoess im jealous of you ladyyy!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I like the first outfit the best.

I cant believe how many bloggers at solestruck are getting free shoes! AGGGGGGG DANIELLE IF YOU ARE READING THIS EMAIL ME!

haha, and you do kinda look like javier bardem

The Stylish Wanderer said...

BTW, Tavi, was JOKING last last comment on post below.

Its kinda funny how the Queen of Humor doesnt understand my humor. Oh well. Im not that funny anyway.

But what Im saying, no need to take me off your link list...?

keira antoia rose said...

Your great about mixing patterns. The simplicity outfit looks great with the new shoes!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

sam said...

these outfits are so great! i love your blog sooooooo much! also, can you take a look at my blog please? i'm also 12 and likes to play dress up...

Amelia said...

I love the oxfords! I actually really like the simple outfit, too.

Rozie said...

Eww. Yahoo is awful awful. Your life would be much happier with gmail. I changed and I haven't had one single snafu in my life since.


Dude, you are so awesome. I love your shoes! They are wicked!

Isabel said...

Those are the best shoes ever. Made better that they were totally free! Free shit owns, hands down.

Bukuroshe said...

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貴朝--Jessica Yowiko said...

oh gosh. the shoes are to DIE for.. hahahha..

hi i'm Jessica and i just happen to try and turn my blog into a fashion blog after reading bryanboy.com, but then i found yours and it's so fun to read!

oh, and the skirts' prints are gorgeouzsch.

not really into the white buttoned top tho ^^

anyways. visit me sometimes at memoirs-of-j.blogspot.com! ^^

matt said...

i love your blog!

it has inspired me to start my own sometime in the near future.

fasting was super hard yesterday, but in between services i managed to check my fave blogs (and shop). lol

Lou said...

Gorg shoes. The last photo you have his pout down to a fine art. You should take up fashionable impressions! Haha. Yeah Spam happens, I end up with thousands in my gmail for no real reason asking me to lose weight or to buy drugs of some description. Weird.


laia. said...

im lovin those mixed prints girl, you work.it.out!

May Kasahara said...

excellent shoes + wonderful skirt!

Hanna said...

Yay you took my advice! You look faaaabulous.

You need to get on AIM when you get a chance. I have shoe decision-making that I feel I simply cannot accomplish without you.

Zoë said...

love the oxfords!

N/OutofFashion said...

No! your hair is cute!

beccajanie said...

loving the outfits and the shoes! I want some oxfords.

Jillian said...

you look freaking FABULOUS in that first look, well all of them, but VERY VERY MUCH SO in the first!
Man Tavi you never seem to dress badly!

miss u
hope all is well!

silhouette rouge said...

this look is totally rad...nice! in that wierdish sorta way...

Alice said...

I want to steal your shoes,
but I theorize that they will not fit.

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