You're quite a quiet domino

I promise I'll have an actual post tomorrow.
Or the next day?
Sighz. I've been feeling very blah, uninspired, and ill. I actually stayed home from school today with a puffy face and disgusting cough and just spent 2 hours on IM with Hanna talking about Tourettes and politics. Sighz. Againz.
Anyways, I found this video and thought I'd share. The guy's voice in the last line is hilarious. "MALE HUNTING!" Go get em, tiger! Hintidy hint, go watch it.
If I end up going to school tomorrow, I want to look creepy and weird.Say good night Gracie.


Johanne said...

Hi Tavi:) I love your new header!Pretty...

maddie said...

haha that video hilahhrious!
mAAAAle hunting!

White Lightning said...

awww tavz! feel better, lovely.
ok, this motivates me to end your package ASAP.

also i LOVE your new header!!!



new header rocks hard
dig it.


Isabel said...

I am in love with your new header.

Unknown said...

agree with isabel, rocks

Unknown said...

lmfao i better get layout credit inspiration for your new layout, biottcchhh.

it's so win. i heart you too.

bohobum said...

wow, I wasn't expecting that. I literally lol'd at the "male hunting."
I don't know what it is about old b&w advertisements with elevator music that make me so happy, but they really do.
oh, and I love the header too

Tavi said...

Thanks guys!
The video is fun.
I'll post the ed I got my header from, you guys seem to like it!

belle: CREDIT. There. But jesus you have no idea how much I wanted to avoid doing homework. I started making extra headers and adding other peoples x_x

Hanna said...

I stunted your better-getting process! I'm a bad bad person aaaaaaah! Feel well again darling!

ps- try not brushing your hair, it really works wonders for the creepy look.

Tavi said...

No you didn't! That was my pathetic self control! I'm still on AIM. Pathetic.
ooh, thanks for the creepster help

Elisa Kwon said...

TAVI. I'm telling you now to remove me from your links. I'm not worthy.

Howeverrrrr, there is a dress down (although for me it will be UP UP UP) day coming up soon at school, so maybe I'll do a post :)

stay tuned?

i think not. i'm not worthy D:

I lurve you, your blog is great as always.

Jill said...

totally just read you in th new york times. you are AMAZING! please share some knowlege im a newbie!

Sydney said...

i didn't recognize your blog!

the links look really cool as well.

this isn't a flattering picture though.

Madison said...

Ah, Tavi- you are one of my favorite bloggers.
(not sucking up, not one bit)

I just started my own blog-
I added your blog onto mine.

Merily said...

I love your new header! :D

Tavi said...

SP-yes, you are worthy, so shut your trap and watch another Friends episode. Yay dressing down! I heartz you.

Sydney Speel-Not flattering? Precisely :)

Thanks you guys, I'll be doing another post tonight. The new layout sure is refreshing, but I was basically just looking for ways to avoid homework xD

Anonymous said...

that chick reminds me of the ring. oh my god, the ring came out when i was your age. i feel old now. instead of being cool and fashionable, i sat around and wached cheesy horror movies.

Tavi said...

your cheesy horror films are awesome creepy.

♥♥CLAiiR3TH3ROCK3R♥♥ said...

That pix creepz me out!