Weardrobe is having a contest for your best back-to-school outfit.

The details are at the link, but this is basically how it goes: you email W your favorite fall outfit(s) and us dominant judges make you feel small and weak by sipping Coca Colas, stroking our woman beards, speaking in British accents, and choosing a winna. I encourage you all to do it because a) it builds character, b) it's a challenge, and c) I like making other people feel small. Like I said, I will be a judge, but SUCKING UP WILL NOT DO YOU ANY GOOD SO DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

i like cars and prada.

OH. And did I mention there would be a PRIZE? Yes. Prize. Do you like prizes, small people? Nod yes if you do. Very good. It's a giftcard for Forever 21. Yay!
ANYWAYS, it ends soon so hop to it. Because I said so. Because the girl who's been sitting home all night eating froot loops and watching the Rosie O'Donnell Show Broadway episode on Youtube said so.

I should really become a salesperson, I think I do excellent pitches.

p.s. you know who you should become obsessed with? Belle and I spent like an hour talking about how it's not fair that she's so pretty. She could seriously be a model. CONSIDER IT, FRENCHY.

p.p.s. Japan Fashion Week Uncanny Resemblance Moment:
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, I suppose I'll throw in some actual opinion here so this isn't pointless-the collection is interesting to look at but kind of weird. Not really my thing but I would still look because it's weird. So yeah, not like, WHOA but still pretty cool I guess. But like, yeah, not all that great. Everything clashes but not in the way where it still looks cool but in a weird way. But yeah.

adskdgwyr tired.
edit: to clear things up, I was hahahaha-ing at the uncanniness. I love crazy. I live for crazy. The collection is crazy, but I for some reason wasn't, well, crazy about it. No hard feelings. But there's no way for me to satisfy everyone's opinions, is there?