He's on someone else's computer and can't do poems!

I wore this to school today, but Claire stole my windbreaker and pranced around in it with her Edie Sedgwick haircut. That bitch. I mean, what gives? First my jacket, then my peanut butter, I can tell you're already trying to take Belle too and that it NOT going to happen. That just won't fly around here missy. Food and clothes is one thing, my wife is quite another. Go after your beloved Leighton Lively or whatever, but NOT my rap group partner. You don't even know what to buy her at the Salvation Army! You may want to keep in mind that I can regift that leather jacket I gave you faster than you can say omgonetreehillison before you start gallivanting with my beloved. Two and a Half Men SUCKS by the way.
P.S. tomorrow when Mr. A. throws that dumb Talking Ball at you in science and you drop it....I will laugh. And encourage all my allied forces to laugh at you as well.
P.P.S. I hope you never get the staples out of your dumb cardigan.

Everything is thrifted. All I need now is a fanny pack.
True story bout the dream in case you were wondering. I don't think I'm spending too much time on the computer at ALL.