I just wanna do the superbowl shuffle

Shirt- Thrifted (from this trip to SA)
Skirt-Childhood closet. Right now it's sorta a pencil skirt but I wanna do some work on it.
Bag-Used to be grandma's

I was finally able to upload pictures (props to Belle for her high tech skills) but this is the best one I got of what I wore today. The skirt is a little above my knees.

Yay for 60 cent outfits!

Oh, and check out my new bag from H&M. I adore the colors and pattern and take it everywhere.


Anonymous said...

kay ahha you should see my screen.
it has crazy cracks all over it because i let it roam free in my purse without a case, boo.

Shade said...

i like the outfit. Wish i could see the skirt better.

yiqin; said...

If I have that bag I'll take it everywhere too! I wish to see the skirt better too but it looks so great like that already :)

Sam said...

i love that h&m bag and the skirt looks great too!

Soul Tanggg said...

i have the high-top sneakers that match that floral H&M bag.
they're my #2 sneakers. :)

Wendy said...

My camera's screen broke too, so I totally understand your situation. But I love your shirt and skirt.

Soul Tanggg said...

oh! and i forgot to mention, i'm selling some skirts on eBay that I found but they were waaay too small for me.
they'd probably fit you well.

Betsey Johnson & Dolce & Gabbana.
check em out.

I've got them selling for pretty cheap now.

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