Lard, lightning, lurkers, and sheer happiness.

Whoa....the electricity definitely shut off in the midst of writing this. I blame the lightning.

Anyways, I'd say this weekend was pretty satisfying. Friday night Caroline and a few other friends slept over. We went to Dunkin Donuts and since it was so late they gave us more donuts than we could eat for free. Sick but delicious. And they went very nicely with Clueless. Paul Rudd and lard with frosting are both yummy.The next day Caroline and I went to the Salvation Army and got SO much good stuff. Neon windbreakers, hippie glads, grandma purses, school girl skirts and dresses....quite a successful trip! I can't wait to post pictures. Then we went to the park and were spazzes the whole time and kept checking the bench where our stuff was. Cause, you know, there are always people lurking around playgrounds looking to steal stuff that has pee on it that they could get for a dollar at a thrift store. Click to enlarge...
Hahah, Caroline went on this spinny thing and would fall practically every time she got off. Oh, Lino. But now she's leaving for stupid CAMP for 2 freaking months. LAME!Shortalls-thrifted
Speedracers-Mine, she's a knifing thief. Floral romper-thrifted. All the wind makes my butt look abnormally huge and not at all proportioned with the rest of my tiny body, I'd say. My amazingly artistic and deep photography. Shut up Caroline, you just don't have a SOUL.

Speaking of artistic, this is Zoe. She's a counselor at camp. I want to cut my hair like hers, a bob, just not as short. And I'll ACTUALLY get it cut this time, not just say I want a Twiggy cut and should I get it and then be all lame and not get it. (Her eyes are blacked out because she doesn't know bout the blog).