These past couple nights have been quite odd. I would turn off the light to go to sleep and close my eyes and every time I blinked I would see like a model on the runway wearing something I've never seen, I guess outfits I've thought of subconsciously. What the hell does this even mean? Some sort of epiphany? I used to think of fashion as more of a hobby, the idea of perhaps making a career of it is becoming more real every day....

EDIT: Ok, retrospective a couple hours after processing all this. I think the clear concept here is that I'm going crazy. Yes, that sounds logical.

Photo credits: Foto Decadent


Mary said...

im going into fashion marketing in the fall.
i went to the open house at my college and that career looks so cool.

it's so much more than what people think.
not so glamorous either.

Shes Dressing Up said...

I wonder if your visions will turn up in a collection one day, and you will have had a premonition!!
Love your new haircut btw!

victoria renee said...

Maybe your getting a sign that you need to be a designer. If I were you, I would seriosuly consider it. Your really good at this fashion.
I like your new banner and look for the blog. I also like your new haircit. I wish I had guts to cut it short. ut unfortunently, my hair is curly so I would have a big frizzy short mess.

Anonymous said...

Haha, suspicious.

yiqin; said...

I feel that you definitely will make it big in Fashion considering how stylish you are at such a young age! Anyway, if you're doing something you love, working will be so much more fun!

Gabsterr said...

i would LOVE to work in the fashion industry too, i think we both have what it takes.

Samantha said...

(That happens to me sometimes too but only when I don't get enough sleep.)

Do you draw? If not, it might be worthwhile for you to practice until you can do quick sketches of what's in your head.

Johanne M. Aa. Laache said...

Oh my, crazy or creative? That question is always hard to answer/ask... Is it possible to draw some of the runway looks you've seen? It would have been cool to see what kinda clothes you imagine! Well, am I crazy as well? Haha...

Cake from

kirsty lee said...

i think it means you are blogging too much! ha. i must admit i get a similar thing when i shut my eyes. i think it's fashion overload.

i DO however expect you to be a fashion mag editor by the time you're 25. don't let me down!

emily said...

holy crap, that happens to me too! no joke! lol. 'cept now it's more outfits that i'd wear, not runway outfits. but yeah, it used to be runway.

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