Which hair did you get cut?

I finally got a haircut! It's so fluffy, and short, and I love it. I've sort of been stopping at anything I pass by where I can see my reflection. Hey, this is exciting, I have a reason to be so narcissistic!

Also, I went thrifting the other day. The store wasn't that great for clothes (at least ones that would fit me) but I got some GREAT accessories.Yellow tee (I'm in need of basics), leopard leggings, $2 pumas, cap, blue purse, 3 belts, colorblock clutch, and 2 pairs of sunglasses.
It's reversible, how high-tech am I?
Also, stay tuned for a MASSIVE runway post (13 collages, bitch)....the Central Saint Martins fall line is fanfreakingtastic.

EDIT: Thank you Stephanie for correcting me, CSM is a bunch of designers (I was wondering why there were so many outfits). Once I actually read the review for it, I figured it out....I think the name "Style Rookie" is quite appropriate at this point xD