Which hair did you get cut?

I finally got a haircut! It's so fluffy, and short, and I love it. I've sort of been stopping at anything I pass by where I can see my reflection. Hey, this is exciting, I have a reason to be so narcissistic!

Also, I went thrifting the other day. The store wasn't that great for clothes (at least ones that would fit me) but I got some GREAT accessories.Yellow tee (I'm in need of basics), leopard leggings, $2 pumas, cap, blue purse, 3 belts, colorblock clutch, and 2 pairs of sunglasses.
It's reversible, how high-tech am I?
Also, stay tuned for a MASSIVE runway post (13 collages, bitch)....the Central Saint Martins fall line is fanfreakingtastic.

EDIT: Thank you Stephanie for correcting me, CSM is a bunch of designers (I was wondering why there were so many outfits). Once I actually read the review for it, I figured it out....I think the name "Style Rookie" is quite appropriate at this point xD


Mary said...

aww,you look adorable with your new haircut.
it's hard to pull off short hair!

and i love that clutch and blue purse.

leslie and pam said...

I love your haircut, it is a killer style! Also those belts are a good find.

Unknown said...

The blue purse is coming into my closet in 3...2..1

Holy shit I am in love with your hair. Srsly do want.

Stephanie said...

Aw, it looks so great! BTW, Central Saint Martins is actually a group of fashion school designers, not a line made by one person. But yeah, it is pretty fanfreakingtastic, haha.

Gabsterr said...

Jesus Tavi!

we are so Nsync, you get a haircut the same day i do xD

marifaih said...

OMG! Leopard leggings! I mean wow!!
I love leggings but I usually wear black or brown but LEOPARD is adorable!!
Also the purse is one of my next buys for sure!
Anyway nice to meet you and this is my blog link!

1234 said...

sweet finds! ps i cant believe i havent added you yet, will do that asap!

Selina (Flying Saucer) said...

VERY modelesque. i bet it would look cute all curly like a 40's pin up

Johanne M. Aa. Laache said...

I love the leopard leggings! Are you gonna use them with skirts, dresses and such? I do love my shoes as well, and I am constantly surprised on how many things I can wear with them (grey tights, they're amazing!).

And your haircut is very, very cool! Twiggy-ish?


hayleeey said...

Central Saint Martins is the UNIVERSITY that quite a lot of the big designers have come out from.. i think... oh i dont know, its too early to think for me.

I do love the new haircut, looks very sweet on you.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great, so cute, and it fits your very well! I alo like your new stuff, I have a pair of leopard leggings myself, they're awesome. It fits together with so much.

Syed said...

The hair looks super cool, and great finds!

yiqin; said...

I wish I will have the guts to cut my hair! I am SO jealous of the leopard leggings! Post up an outfit soon! :D

Ella said...

I LOVE your new haircut. I wish i could pull that off... i'm also v. much in love with the thrifted sunnies: the ones with the transparent frames.
p.s i linked you properly this time

Anonymous said...

OMG!! It is so cute! Hasanyone ever told u u look a bit like Jenny (Taylor Momsen)from Gossip Girl?


Aren't Vampire Killer INSANE? Love, love, love them! Haven't found a band I liked so much as them before.... thanks for the comment (:

You are adorable, got the prettiest eyes!

Stephanie said...

I'll tell you the story next time you come over (or Caroline will).. It's pretty freaking good.


I love your haircut! Cute findings!

meliindaa. said...

your hair looks so adorable, it suits you!

White Lightning said...

TAVI your HAIRCUT IS AMAZING. um...also...send me those clear sunglasses, like..now. mmmkaythanks.

Hanna said...

Your hair is motherf-ing genius. And you have a ton of sunglasses.

molly said...

i absolutely love your haircut!
youre so pretty

Kira Aderne said...


you are terrific!!
love your new hair :)))

you are always welcome baby, i am here to help in what you need :)

a kiss!!

Katie said...

your hair looks great!!

Squishybubble said...

WOW, am I wanting straight hair.
And all of those sunglasses.

Cicely said...

Your hair is lovely and your thrift finds are amazing! I had half my hair cut off recently and i couldn't stop staring at myself for ages. It really suits you

saray said...

ohhh your haircut is perfect!!!! I adore it!!

you bought great staff.. I also have those puma's I got them as a gift but they are a size too big..

Fashion Is Poison said...

your haircut is great! i love it. ohh and great haul! i went thrifting today, too and got some awesome boots :]

Teresa said...

great haircut, and I do the same thing where I check myself out in any reflection, although for me it's an addiction almost. narcissism is my crack.

lonneke said...

i love your haircut, it looks great on you! and the accesories you've bought are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Mate, your hair looks adorable!!! Congrats to the new hair cut - chopping them off takes balls! But it can pay off obviously.

Alline said...

Pleeeeaaase, more pics of the new hair do!! It`s cute!!!!!

Tavi said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad people other than my family approve, so I know I'm not totally insane. I will have more pics up soon, alline!

sizljizl-No, I've never been told that, but thanks so much!

l.j.-I actually plan on wearing them with tees, some good old vintage band tees. I don't seem to own any dresses or skirts that would match leopard, haha.

b-umm psh psh! I practically bought them because I remembered an outfit you made with them and I wanted to adapt it!

Elizabeth-haha will do, hope you don't mind I popped out the lenses to make some geek glasses. Muahahaha.

Saray-Goodie, we can be shoe twins!

Zoë said...

love it, love it, LOVE IT!
great haircut and cute sunglasses and belts!

Samantha said...

Oh wow, I LOVE your haircut! It looks very fun.

OMG leopard print leggings! Love both of the sunglasses! (Do you have any tips on how to pop out the lenses? I've been trying on a pair of thrifted prescription glasses and I can't get them out.)

EM said...

that hat is hella cute
I'm diggin it

Sammie said...

I really love the haircut, it looks great! And the accessories are sweeeet =)

Heather said...

ahhh! love the pics of you. your eyes look amazing! wow. i looked at all your old entries, with your long hair. wow. you look so different :P

Julie Ling said...

I love you with long hair! :(

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