I'm starting a petition for an Official ABC Kids Reunion. Zing!

Shirt- Used to be friend's dad's
Jeans- H&M
Shoes- Converse
Sunglasses- Used to be mom's

Sorry for the fugly expressions. But scribbling em out would get rid of the lovely sunnies, and we simply can't have that!
So, used to be friend's dad's....my friend Grace's dad is your straight up 80's stereotype. He wears loads of denim and leather, has a mullet, pierced ears. Oh, and did I mention he's a librarian? I shiver from the irony. Too cool. This is reassuring to me that I can be a super cool geek. What a relief! Anyways, this shirt was his in the 80's....how he ever fit it I have no clue, as it's practically perfect on me. My friend uses it as a nightshirt, so decided just to give it to me. I love all the colors and the pure 80's-ness of it. I presume the little guy's name is Zing. The outfit isn't all that creative, but I HAD to post the shirt.

Zing reminds me of Doug's friend, from that old Saturday morning cartoon. Look at his pants/hair! Man, ABC kids used to actually be GOOD! Screw Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana. I miss Doug and Pepper Ann and Recess and the whole gang!

Oooh, guess what I found:Felipe Oliveira Baptisa, much? They used to be my dad's in the, surprise surprise, 80's. Best decade for sunglasses, hands down.

Hmmm...I could've gotten much better pictures of the collection if his website wasn't all Flash Player or whatever. These are from google. Anyone know how to do that thing where you copy the entire website page you're on?

Speaking of superheros, look what I saw just now on The Sartorialist.
I also watched The Incredibles today while babysitting.
Perhaps this is all a sign that I should finally admit my secret super power >:)