Rest in peace, Ruslana Korshunova

"Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably...and never regret anything that made you smile."

Diverse coke

Hey kids! Today was my sister's graduation party, and I actually had a good time, specifically playing photographer - mistake to give the little sister cam responsibilities >:]

Here's what I wore...
Dress, thrifted. Belt, thrifted. Cami, Target. Clip-on earrings worn as buttons (dress is sorta loose on me), thrifted.

More hair pics, as promised. What a ham!I punched out the lenses in my transparent way-farers for a good pair of geek glasses, I swear they're the coolest thing since sliced bread.

The happy grad, Rivkah:
She and I educated ourselves on cokes of different ethnicities.Games of wit and logic.
Wtf Riv...?
I sure didn't take this ugly fork one, my photography is FAR more artistic:

13 is a lucky number

Central Saint Martins is a university that has birthed many great designers (Christopher Kane, for example), and these are some looks from the fall 2008 show that caught my eye specifically. I bet soon we'll be like, "Oh yeah, so and so designed those Bob The Builder-esque outfits way back when he was at that fantastic school. Mhhm, I remember him. A swell kid, had a good head on his shoulders."
Anypoo, these are my favorites (it was pretty hard to narrow down from about 150). The cheesy text is mostly just how I would describe them and a product of my poor vocabulary...and no sleep, and way too much caffeine. Ahem. Which is your favorite? Tell me!


These past couple nights have been quite odd. I would turn off the light to go to sleep and close my eyes and every time I blinked I would see like a model on the runway wearing something I've never seen, I guess outfits I've thought of subconsciously. What the hell does this even mean? Some sort of epiphany? I used to think of fashion as more of a hobby, the idea of perhaps making a career of it is becoming more real every day....

EDIT: Ok, retrospective a couple hours after processing all this. I think the clear concept here is that I'm going crazy. Yes, that sounds logical.

Photo credits: Foto Decadent

Which hair did you get cut?

I finally got a haircut! It's so fluffy, and short, and I love it. I've sort of been stopping at anything I pass by where I can see my reflection. Hey, this is exciting, I have a reason to be so narcissistic!

Also, I went thrifting the other day. The store wasn't that great for clothes (at least ones that would fit me) but I got some GREAT accessories.Yellow tee (I'm in need of basics), leopard leggings, $2 pumas, cap, blue purse, 3 belts, colorblock clutch, and 2 pairs of sunglasses.
It's reversible, how high-tech am I?
Also, stay tuned for a MASSIVE runway post (13 collages, bitch)....the Central Saint Martins fall line is fanfreakingtastic.

EDIT: Thank you Stephanie for correcting me, CSM is a bunch of designers (I was wondering why there were so many outfits). Once I actually read the review for it, I figured it out....I think the name "Style Rookie" is quite appropriate at this point xD

Son of a witch

Whoever said it needed to be Halloween to dress like this?

"Music inspires fashion, but without fashion the music icons are dead"

^^From Nylon.

Thank you for all the helpful advice and comments on the last post! It really does mean a lot, and I'm so glad there are many understanding people in the blogosphere.
So, I confronted the friend that was being all two-faced. She tried denying ever talking bad about X, but finally owned up to it and clearly felt bad. She was speechless for a while, and we didn't really resolve anything because then she explained how she hates getting in fights and found herself a way to avoid the situation. Blah.
I think I just need to make peace with the fact that friends come and go, and just move on. Not let it get to me is what I'm saying. But a cyber hug to all of you and your meaningful advice, I'm sure it'll stick with me for a while.

In shopping news, I went to Goodwill yesterday with my mom. I found the perfect studded belt, but decided not to get it because it just didn't seem like "me". Then, after getting some fabric for a skirt I'm making, a decent swimsuit at Target (not really worth posting), and stopping at Home Depot, I decided I wanted the belt. I NEED the belt. We went back, thinking it closed at 8 rather than 9, and was relieved to see it was still open. So here I am, happily sitting with my belt :) My mom doesn't really like it, she said it was too "aggressive". Excellent!

Anyways, I've been tagged by Picked Pics! She's awesome, check her out.
Here are the rules:
List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to.

I've decided to use a cool trick Fazed-Girl taught me and display my iTunes. So, in not any order, here are my picks:

1. Heroin by The Velvet Underground
Lou Reed talks in this song more than he sings. I think that's why I love it, other than how he says heroin is his wife.
2. I am Trying to Break Your Heart by Wilco
The weird buzzing noise at the end is the best part. This 7 minute long song is probably my favorite song ever, other than...

3. Buckets of Rain by Bob Dylan
Some people complain about his voice, but I couldn't imagine his songs any other way. I've been listening to this one intensely because I'm learning the finger picking pattern he uses on guitar.

4. Your Cover's Blown by Belle & Sebastian

It's fun, and long, and upbeat, and somewhat eerie, and I love it.

5. In The Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel
This song makes me smile :)

6. Silver Stallion by Cat Power
Her smoky, chalky voice goes so well with this song. I say this hesitantly, but I think Cat Power is the only singer where I usually like her cover better than the original.
7. Letter From An Occupant by The New Pornographers
Probably the most upbeat of all of these, and way too catchy.

I'm tagging....
1. Sugar Pop at Meet the Freak
2. Bianca at Upside Down
3. Gabster at Zebra Spots
4. Nita at Little Sneak into My Life
5. Kirsty Lee at That's Just my Vibe
6. K at K-Line
7. Jillian at Nova.Style

Whoever else would like to do this is more than welcome!

Let's play middle school. You be my therapist, I'll be the confused 7th grader!

Now I'm going to go a wee bit out of my regular posting comfort zone and ask for a little advice and possibly some lecturing. I had a friend (we'll call her X) who I had been the absolute BEST of friends with for a decade (Caroline, you can probably skip this part, I've complained to you about all this 18 times). We would never get in fights, and agreed on everything, and saw each other constantly. And then we started going to the same school this past year, and she changed. It wasn't the kind of change where you're like figuring out who you are, it was just to be cool and everything, and suddenly I wasn't good enough for her. Then we started HATING each other. God, it sounds so Lizzie McGuire and cliche and stuff but I didn't really believe it either when it was happening. And now we go to the same camp and it's sort of awkward. We have these other people we're both friends with, and the last thing I want to do is make them feel like they have to pick a side. It's just upsetting because they'll say, "Oh no, I don't like X, she's so annoying," but then they walk off with her, and I'm the one who ends up being excluded and I really don't feel like I'm at fault here. I can't tell anyone who their friends are or who they "are supposed to" like, but if you say you don't like someone and then go off with them, that's unfair to both of us. I'm not rude to X. I'm not exactly chummy-chummy buddy-buddy, but I'm polite. To be completely rude is ridiculous and to hold a grudge is stupid. It's like a survival game for who can last longer but all it proves is that you're too immature to move on.
You all are so much more knowledgeable with this kind of thing and probably know what's best to do. It's not fashion related, but I'd really like a little advice. I'm just clueless. Blahhhh.
Man, middle school is a living hell. Whoever had the smart idea to throw a bunch of hormone-loaded kids together in one building and force them to learn about something they obviously couldn't care less about with people they can't stand?

Anyways, I just watched The Nanny Diaries (who caught on to the X thing?) and I'm in a pretty good mood, so now the rest of the Salvation Army stuff! I think it was just that one night at Stephanie's that I was actually kinda good at modeling. Sigh. Here's a better picture of the Bears outfit...Click to enlarge!Tee, SA. Skirt, childhood closet. Purse, vintage (used to be grandma's). Headband, Target.

Yay for pullovers:
Pullover, SA. Jeans, H&M. Belt, thrifted.

A long-lusted schoolgirl skirt . The tag actually says "official girls uniform.":

Sweater, Stephanie. Skirt, SA. Belt, thrifted. Bag, SA. Bracelets, gift.

Finally a hippie outfit. The skirt is a size 10 in women's and I'm barely a size 10 in children's (say anything and I break your face!):
Top, Mom's. Skirt, SA. Headband, home-made. Belt, thrifted. Purse, SA.

Some better purse pics. Granny and hippie, life's good:
And, of course, the burden to every thrifting trip. I bought it so I can still look a tad stylish in the burning heat, but what do I wear with these shorts? I also got some neon windbreakers. Scroll down, ya lazy pig!

Anywho, thanks for listening, it really is comforting to find people on here that are so understanding of problems like these and know that hippie headbands ARE fashionable, thank you very much! *coughKEITHcough* Haha, I'm off to bed, it's been a long day.