We're losers, but we didn't bleach our hair.

I just realized that almost every weekend my family and I go to our cottage, which minimizes the number of posts a LOT. We'll be going for like a month in the summer. AHHH. And we are going this weekend too. In like an hour. Baha.

Anywho, remember Claire from the last photoshoot post? She and I hung out the other day, and got a few pictures of our lameness. Lamity? Lameability? Well just the same, I thought I would post the pictures. I almost did an outfit post on what I wore that day but these are more fun!Yes, I normally wear glasses. I choose to take them off in my outfit photos where I'm supposed to look at least a little older and more photogenic, haha.The one on the far left is my outfit, and that odd blue underwear looking thing is shorts, haha. I actually got that large sweater from Stephanie of Fashion Robot!
I wear: Sweater, Stephanie; Tights, childhood closet; Gray socks, Walgreens. Ats right, you heard me!
Claire wears: Shirt, threadless.com; Jeans, Target.
My legs are stubs. Meh.

Oh, and I swear I am almost done stalking Lily Allen, but-she bleached her hair, and I feel the need to give my two cents about it, especially when it cost her quite a lot. I really don't like the look for her.....GoFugYourself had a great post about it. I love Lily, but I can't help but agree with every fug those ladies fugged about. Mistake!


terren said...

hmmm yeah lily's hair is sometimes cute but doesn't really work overall. i just think she needed a change. i super stalk her too, it's okay :)

victoria renee said...

I love your sweaterdress thing.
Check out my blog.

Elisa Kwon said...

you guys look really alike actually!!! hope you have fun at the cottage. :)

Emily said...

Your totally right, Lilly Allen looked much better before. and those pictures of you and claire are so great, I love your outfit.

Zoƫ said...

cute sweaterdress!

styledigger said...

Hah, so cute:) I like your t-shirt.

Johanne M. Aa. Laache said...


Thanks for the comment, I linked you too ^^

Biianca said...

awww I love both your outfits
Lily Allen is pretty sweet....but sometimes her hair doesnt quite work out.

oh, btw, haha there is a tiny part in my blog when I mention you. Hahaha its nothing big, but I feel I needed to credit you.....


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