I use parenthesis too much

There's a huge mall by our cottage that my friend and I went to because we were told by Claire that the Hollister there had $10 colored skinnies. I've never been to Hollister but I sureeeee know what it is (it is well advertised [or bragged about] by some kids in our grade). When we went there they were all out, huge disappointment. But the guilt for dragging my parents there for nothing was massive, so we went into some store (I've never heard of this one) called Rue21. I wasn't crazy about most of their stuff, but I got 2 pairs of cheapo sunglasses.
Red & white speedracers, similar to these at fredflare (minus one stripe)I also got a pair that are kind of like aviators but squarish...I really feel like my grandpa might have the same pair.

I've been feeling really guilty lately about my parents not knowing about the blog. I don't really know why I never told them...maybe because kind of a lack of support. I dunno, my parents have always been supportive of my singing and acting, but when I started getting interested in fashion my parents seemed to kind of turn up their noses at it. I almost think they misinterpret it as a a cruel industry filled with airheads. Personally I think of fashion as a form of art. And lately, I've been more focused on it than anything else. It's been hard to tell my parents when I got excited about fashion-related things because I knew they would be less than enthusiastic about it. It's one thing if it isn't one of their interests (which is of course fine), but it seems like they resent it, at least to me. It took a lot of convincing for my Nylon subscription, and when I was looking at my binder of runway shows, my dad actually shook his head and laughed, which kinda brings me down. I hope this isn't sounding unreasonable...not that I need them to completely be involved in this interest of mine, but they could at least be a little polite, right? I think I just need to sound completely rational when I explain it all.

Would you look at that like page long rant? Someone might as well put me on a soapbox. And in reference to the post title I advise you to listen to this song by The Blow. Not the real music video, though.

EDIT: So I told them. They were surprisingly cool about it, and believe me, I feel so much better. Not to be cheesy and all "the lesson here, children, is..." but it is SUCH a load off my back. Now I feel much more comfortable blogging and taking pictures of myself, haha. But my dad said I have to mention that I get my sense of style from him.....hope he's joking. Maybe he had good taste in his day (70's, man), but right now he's a nerdy English teacher whose closet is mainly composed of 10 year old "hankies" as he calls them. At least I can find a good white button down from him, right?
I'm in such a good mood right now. Lalalala :)