Warning, rambling ahead

Sorry for the post delay. This week was my sister's birthday week. It was actually pretty fun because we went to a Sox game, saw my best friend and her family there, and they snuck us into their level. GREAT seats. $5 gummi bears. Very fun.

Anyways, I probably won't be able to blog again until maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. My family and I are going to our cottage for mother's day, meaning going to the BEACH.

Speaking of the beach, anyone get a cute swimsuit lately?? I'm still on a hunt. It's hard finding one that I like that is still comfortable and body-suiting and cheap.

Blah blah blah, promise I'll stop after this one: Today I am going to a theater "yard sale". The theater is moving so they're trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff. I'm so excited though, I can't wait. Remember the 60's costumes??? And last year I was in Thoroughly Modern Millie, so they'll have a bunch of 20's stuff, too!!!! AH I am hyper and excited and still in my pj's.
So I hope everyone has a good weekend! Any fun plans??


Sydney Marie said...

Sox game are you serious? Red Sox... My family went to one last weekend too ( well we live in B***** so its not uncommon haha)

Nancy said...

Sox? The Chicago White Sox?? I'm not into baseball, but I like the team (oh, the rivalries)
Hope you have fun at your cottage!

Samantha said...

A THEATER YARD SALE?? WOW that sounds like my dream come true. Post anything exciting!

OlĂ­viaa said...

BTW: Tavi I'm Your BIGGEST FAN!!!
*drewl* *drewl* *laughs*