I'm not bitter

I'm sure I am not the only one who has noticed the Mr. Men trend. They're very 80's which I of course love, and I have the Stubborn one because, well, I am. But now Junkfood is starting to butcher the look! It's too, I dunno how to say this, modern. The brand is taking it too far I guess. But I'm getting very bugged. They're starting to pop up on hoodies and yoga pants, and now panties?!?! It must stop! Roger Hargreaves, author of the Mr. Men books (yes, they were books first) in case you are too lazy to google it, must be ashamed of these wretched creations.

So I love the simple text and picture shirt, but these must die.

Great pick-up lines:
^What is wrong with Ms. Bad's funky expression???
Unnecessary designs and/or text:

^I could picture this at Limited Too. BFF!^I really hope this wasn't an attempt to mix Mr. Men (80's) with The Beatles (60's).... ^Rinestones. I can only ask WHY????^It's back and it's on a hoodie


^Here comes regret.

^Back of a pair of pants. She's on your butt.^Now she's near your crotch.

Now she's ON your crotch:
^Magic in your panties?
^If you scroll up there is a pair of pants where Ms. Chatterbox is on the butt. Kinda funny.

Here, I'll refresh your brain with something sensible:

Photo credits, though they might not want to take credit: 80stees.com, teeshirtsrock.com, gap.com