Thomas the Tank Engine, Superman, and Lucy

So I am still undecided about the Twiggy cut. But now I feel like after getting my (and maybe even your) hopes up that it would be really disappointing if I didn't change my hair at all.

On a different note, a few days ago on Hel-Looks I saw a picture of a girl and it gave me a really great idea. She had a little kid cartoon character mini-backpack. Last week I saw my sister's friend with the same idea. I think it's pretty cool, actually. I don't know why but I really like the look. It's playful and daring and bold.
This one is from Target:
It costs $13, money I for one am not willing to pay for such a thing, but I will probably end up finding a cheaper one at a drugstore near my school.

Also, in both American Vogue and Nylon, I found an editorial based on Superheros. It was pretty neat! Being a comic nerd, I was very appreciative of these features. And the fact that both they're both American magazines makes me wonder if we're behind the trends or just setting them? Oh well. I try not to follow that stuff, haha.
The pictures below are from Vogue-I couldn't locate Nylon's pictures, though I personally liked it better. It was more realistic and gave me more ideas, this one wasn't very inspirational to me at all. Artistic and cool to look at, but I didn't spend 20 minutes trying to adapt the outfits like I did with Nylon.
Also, while watching I Love Lucy the other night (when you don't have cable you actually pay attention to the good stuff on television), I noticed that I really do love Lucy, her clothes, especially. These pictures depict her best comical and fashion moments on screen.
Forget Twiggy, I'm gettin' red curls!
Ha, could you imagine?!?

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