A new endeavor: Marianne Faithfull

Isn't she gorgeous!!!! Marianne Faithfull. Mick Jagger's wife, accomplished singer, and one of my style icons. I'd really like to adapt her style!It's exactly what I like- masculinity and femininity in one outfit.
Let's work head to toe. For sunglasses, I have the red risky businesses from FredFlare, but I don't think those will work out. These are from Claire's, the little vines on the sides aren't my favorites but I like these shades so much that I don't care:What I would really like is an oversized blazer. I hope I can find one in the women's section so it's a little big and has that menswear look on me. These are all from Old Navy:Now I need a top. I have a white button-down blouse, it's very simple but I like it. I also have this vintage scarf that I could tie on top. As for the pants, I am really lost. I have to find some trousers, but I have no idea where. Do any of you lovely chaps have a suggestion?
Shoes is also an issue. Blah. I will never be able to find decent shoes. Sigh. Broques would be perfect if I was able to find a pair somewhere....
Ok, so maybe this didn't turn out as productive as I thought. So it's an obstacle, an endeavor! I'll keep working and hunting, and post pictures if I ever find the outfit (which I will!)

Marianne Faithfull, why can't I get no SATISFACTION??? (Haha, get it? That was Tavi's play-on-words. RS fans UNITE!)

Yours truly and tiredly,


Annie said...

omg hun you're adorable.
but ur so young! you dont need to think so hard about fashion yet!

Sam said...

she is sooo pretty!!
and you are now linked! =]

Jillian Hobbs said...

I agree gorgeous is the PERFECT word to describe her!

those glasses you found are perfect and i think u could even find some vintage frames on ebay similar to hers! i've seen vintage balenciaga frames similar to that go for SO cheap!

p.s. i'm a huge stones fan

they're my numba 1 fav!

Benedicte said...

Love her sunnies.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

Oh gosh. Your so tiny! I think the jacket would drown you. But I do like Marianne.

Squishybubble said...

Thanks for the tag...I am linking you if you don't mind. Happy Early Birthday!

carolyn said...

hm, i disagree with annie's comment. keep on blogging! this blog is great: articulate, interesting, varied posts. plus, pictures! i like pictures! :) i don't think age (small or large) much has to do with an appreciation for any subject.

Sydney Marie said...

Your incredible- I thought I was good and I am 13
Not much your senior but check out my blog because I love yours! I was just reading about Marianne Faithfull- funny that you'd post this!
Check it out,

Kira Aderne said...


so nice her style, she is really gorgeous and have some great style, i love a blazer with some great sunglasses...
the Stones are really the best on style...

an advanced happy birthday for you!!
all the best friend!!!

a kiss and a hug,
take care,

LDF said...

She's cute...minus the drug addiction/homeless/anorexia portion of her life though.

Anonymous said...

she's gorgeous.

Stephanie said...

Hey, I left a comment but I guess it didn't go through? Anyway, I think you should look for a children's blazer at at thrift store (the proportions will be smaller/more boxy) and try Forever 21 for some pretty nice oxfords (although I've thrifted a nice pair too.) Hope that helps..

jess said...

she's gorgeous. its suprising i've never heard of her considering i have a friend obbsed with mick jagger
i saw you linked me so im linking you

Secretista said...

I love those glasses!

Nancy said...

Wow, Mick Jagger's wife?! She is (was? >_>) so beautiful!
Isn't menswear a lovely thing? The blazer is an easy find - thrift stores always have little boy blazers. From what I've seen on Fashion Robot, you're quite tiny so sizing shouldn't really be a problem.

biancaaa said...

i just read in your last post that you speak fluent norwegian. that is soooo cool. as i said before i am in denmark right now. danish and norvegian are similar-ish. today i took a ferry boat to sweden and there was a norwegian soap opera on. ahahaha, i wanted to know what was going on. haha it would have helped if you were there. oh and by the way, sorry for the lack of capital letters, i dont know how to make capital letters on this danish keyboard, i know how to use caps lock, but you have to press like 3 keys to turn it on, so its inconvenient.ahhaha

Wendy said...

I think I want a similar haircut!

Ida said...

She is quite cool.


hey thank you for your compliment! i love your blog too!
i esp adore the light blue blazer in this post. great pick!

sure i want to trade links! i already linked you on my blog.

xx denise

Emily said...

Ralph lauren ahs a lot of blazers like that that u'd like. Sad to say that I can definatley NOT afford them

Anonymous said...

she was never micks wife.

Ardesia said...

yeah,your'e right it's just impossible to find decent shoes on this world ;D
I always need hours to find nice shoes in the shops,and THEN when I find the only pair I would buy,they costs too much -_-'

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