A new endeavor: Marianne Faithfull

Isn't she gorgeous!!!! Marianne Faithfull. Mick Jagger's wife, accomplished singer, and one of my style icons. I'd really like to adapt her style!It's exactly what I like- masculinity and femininity in one outfit.
Let's work head to toe. For sunglasses, I have the red risky businesses from FredFlare, but I don't think those will work out. These are from Claire's, the little vines on the sides aren't my favorites but I like these shades so much that I don't care:What I would really like is an oversized blazer. I hope I can find one in the women's section so it's a little big and has that menswear look on me. These are all from Old Navy:Now I need a top. I have a white button-down blouse, it's very simple but I like it. I also have this vintage scarf that I could tie on top. As for the pants, I am really lost. I have to find some trousers, but I have no idea where. Do any of you lovely chaps have a suggestion?
Shoes is also an issue. Blah. I will never be able to find decent shoes. Sigh. Broques would be perfect if I was able to find a pair somewhere....
Ok, so maybe this didn't turn out as productive as I thought. So it's an obstacle, an endeavor! I'll keep working and hunting, and post pictures if I ever find the outfit (which I will!)

Marianne Faithfull, why can't I get no SATISFACTION??? (Haha, get it? That was Tavi's play-on-words. RS fans UNITE!)

Yours truly and tiredly,