Hello all!

So tonight was our last show. Definitely sad, but also a bit relieving. I now have a lot more time to relax, which is always nice. I have a lot of things to look forward to this week-birthday (tomorrow), sleepover at Stephanie's (with her little sister Caroline), and lots of shopping (I will post pictures of my buys!)

But I took these this morning-thoughts, advice, comments???? I wanna know what you have to say!! Hair looks kinda weird, it wasn't yet dry from the shower, haha. The sunglasses, belt, and tights are all the same in all pictures. And I'm still figuring out which poses work best, but we'll see.
Above: Top, used to be sister's; Shorts, Old Navy; Belt, Vintage; Tights, Drugstore (Ha!); Sunglasses, used to be Mom's.
Above: Pullover, used to be Mom's; Tights, Drugstore; Belt, Vintage; Sunglasses, used to be Mom's; Shoes, sister's (Much too big for me, but go with the outfit so I thought I'd wear them for this picture).

So let me know what you think!

Yours truly,


1234 said...

happy early birthday tavi! love the red pullover.

Soul Tanggg said...

cute outfits!


Nancy said...

Lovely outfits! The sunglasses are tres chic. I wish I dressed like that when I was your age (but I wouldn't have been able to since I had to wear a uniform back then). Happy 12th birthday! :) Hope you have a good one.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!! you look RAY good!!! i i lurve your outfits!!!! and both outfits are great! and i lurve the glasses


wow you remind me of mary kate in the 3rd picture! you look fabulous! is it your birthday? then happy birthday !!
i hope your enjoying the day and get to eat tons of cake :)
i whish my little sister had a great style like you!

biancaaa said...

aww I love the outfits! you're so cute. I hope the show went well!!

Sugar Pop said...

very cute! simple - but bold.

Sugar Pop said...

oh...and happy b-day!

Stephanie said...

I love both outfits! The sunglasses look great on you. Happy birthday!

jess said...

gosh your adorable i love your outfits and HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Annie said...

the red outfit is ador. and i agree the sunglasses look super on you!

SICK. said...

cute cute cute.

& yes, i'd love to switch links with you !
it's already been done.


J.M. Powell said...

totally loving the shoes...tell your sister they would be fantastic shoes to wear with socks!

Grace said...

oh my oh my. you look lovely :)

fashion child said...

in love with the outfits!

Anonymous said...

love the red pullovery thing it looks coool

juliamarisa said...

the first version of the second look is so mary-kate. that might just be because i've been all about olsensanonymous for the past 39 seconds.

(i)ToniMae said...

That's really cute,I used to have that sweater ;]

Flo. said...

amazing outfit,
the red sweater is awesome !
i like your style so much.
your are the best 8D
And Tavi, i like your name.

Anonymous said...

WOW, your hair is soo, long, now is it short, I love your long hair, but short is okay! The new color; blue is cool!

Mordrian said...

You look so mature-er (word? idk) now then you did back then. congratz on your blog tavi. <3 you and your blog


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