May 20, 2012

she had to get out

These are some photos I took a while ago for MAC's MacZine that just came out, so here I am now, posting them, online, on the internet, on my weblog!!!!! The theme of the issue was "Wanderlust," so I did a Los Angeles-inspired moodboard and outfit, which is not surprising to readers of this blog. (This is also basically the outfit form of next month's Rookie theme!)
Weetzie Bat, postcards from a Peter Max paper airplane book, Joan Didion, Elle Fanning in Rodarte in A Magazine Curated by Rodarte, postcards and photos from an antique store I went to in Pasadena with Autumn and Arrow, a tapestry my mom made a long time ago, daisies from the craft store, and Joni Mitchell's Song to a Seagull, which ends with my favorite Joni song, "Cactus Tree."
My top is vintage, my eyelet skirt is from the dress-up box my sisters and I used when we were little, my platforms are by D&G, my necklace was a gift from Chris Habana, and I made both my crowns from craft store flowers and joke shop houses.
Every time we visit I'm particularly delighted by all of LA's pastel houses and surrounding floral life.
I added the necklace for the spooky side of LA and Hollywood Babylon-type stuff, and for the weird psychics that are everywhere and other mystical things Weetzie Bat is obsessed with. I just like that something so sunny and colorful with pastel houses and flowers everywhere can also be so dark and David Lynch-y. But I should probably stop talking about it before it becomes too obvious that I'm trying to justify to myself that time that I murdered a person wait what?

IN OTHER NEWS, I saw Moonrise Kingdom yesterday thanks to a screening set up by their PR for me and my friends, and it was EVERYTHING I'D HOPED IT WOULD BE AND MORE. During the school year I usually avoid watching movies that I know will make me that emotional and inspired because I'm left with all this energy that school doesn't allow for and then it has nowhere to go, but it's almost SUMMER, so soon I get to run away and read fantasy novels and play records as much as I want! (People rolling their eyes right now might like to know that I thought the movie did a good job of not being too self-indulgent on the montage-of-cute-people-doing-cute-activities part. Just enough for me to be like, "Oh Wes, that is so you! Typical Wes! Wes, you aesthetically-defined bitch! =P I heart u so effing much!!!!" before complimenting him on his shoes and throwing my yogurt spoon in the air, but not so much that it stops actually helping the story move along. Also the main kids were so absolutely perfect, and too witty and dark and confused to be cutesy, too. The other kids were also absolutely perfect. So were the grown-ups. Oh my god it was all so good. I may have liked it more than Royal Tenenbaums, which is my favorite Wes Anderson? Oh my god I don't even know I just want to go back. I plan on seeing it at least four more times once it's out in theaters.)


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Magali Mathieu said...

Love this post!! Especially the headband and necklace picture, the colours are amazing!

Lexie Harris said...

I love the clothes and the photos! The look is so 1950's/60's! Lexie x

Enough by Nicole Bennett said...

Loving the old school fashion. Seems like the floral fashion of the 70's is going to be big this spring.

It's everywhere.

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Claire Belle I said...

Your moodboard is so cool!! love it! <3
I always trying to make a moodboard but it strangely always failed. so haha yours is adorable!

sneha dixit said...

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lapopmode said...

Hi, your headband is very excentric. I like it.


PalomaGiraldez said...

Fantastic post, I like so much, super vintage

Pop Neo said...

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April Khamdenya said...

vintage onepiece, petite hairband and supernatural necklace.
love the necklace the most, xx

Appreciated Girl said...

you'r AWESOME !! <3


Beverly Houston said...

You, little dear is the future of fashion! Keep that up! I felt nostalgic as I was scrolling your post, I remember my Mum and Grandma's fashion statement. LOL! I like the look, a very recommended set on a sunny day, added by the creative headband, you can never go wrong with this. BTW, I love your eyes, it is captivating ;)

Over all, the clothes are beautiful, the post are beautiful and you are beautiful!

98731128-3cae-11e2-862c-000bcdcb471e said...

You are the most contrived fashion specimen on the market. Ease up a bit with you delaborate ironies.

Lily Jean said...

omgg plz it would be so amazing if you looked at mine and my friends blog. Never would be as good as yours but your inspired us !! plz check it out

Thi Lan said...

beautiful outfits *_* your blog is very good and interesting <3 im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


cessione del quinto said...

Me encantò tu look,ese collar que llevas puesto es precioso,adoro los collares coloridos.Besos deteresa

Simone Simmons said...

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Molly Mercurio said...

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Thank youu!

Iris said...

I love your pictures and your pretty syle !


Shaishalala said...

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Emma Fernandez said...

You are so fashionable! You are my role model you are smart and have that retro feel to your look.

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Jhon Kenyy said...

Its really fun.. So different, so sweet (:

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D.O.T - is a lot said...

So awesome:*

Sandy said...

cool pics !


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Lilian Cao said...

Love this! I've been meaning to watch Moonrise Kingdom for a while now but never gotten around to actually watching it. I mentioned you in my latest blog posts, Tavi!

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